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How to Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business


How to Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business


You’ve likely already heard how WordPress is a trendy platform for bloggers, and chances are, most of the blogs you study every day were created with WordPress. While it’s miles the first-class running blog software available to a few amazing theme developers, WordPress has arguably become the fine platform for commercial enterprise websites. WordPress is very smooth to learn how to use, soft to customize and scale in your commercial enterprise, is rather cheap, and lets you choose your own web hosting organization.

(against getting ripped off for hosting through hosted website solutions). WordPress.Org software is free, and you can then effortlessly upload issues (in any other case known as templates) that combine flawlessly with WordPress, letting you truly get any kind of website up and walking within minutes. WordPress subject matters can let you have higher websites than human beings and corporations that pay lots of bucks to developers to build their websites. Best of all, top-class WordPress issues normally cost below $one hundred. For my part, I’ve spent well over $one hundred a month for hosted website software that is not as suitable as WordPress. So, using WordPress can, without problems, save you or your agency a ton of coins that can be used to market your commercial enterprise.


7 Steps to Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Business

1. Decide on the type of commercial enterprise internet site you’re seeking out. This may additionally sound obvious. However, many organizations have WordPress themes, from corporate websites to directory websites, news & mag websites, eCommerce companies, day-by-day deal websites, pictures websites, and plenty more. In addition, there are some WordPress topics to be had that are so good that they might even encourage you to begin a sort of enterprise you hadn’t even taken into consideration!

2. Decide on whether you should have functions on your internet site. Most topics have trendy features that include multiple coloration schemes, giving you the capability to easily customize such things as fonts and colorings and a few pre-designed page templates; however, there are features including Advanced Search, integration with Google Maps, Image Sliders, or the capacity to promote virtual merchandise essential to your commercial enterprise? In other words, recognition of key functions that might be unique to your business or features that would be a top-notch development over your cutting-edge website.

3. Decide on what kind of favor first-class suits your brand. Do you need to paint your enterprise as professional, amusing, contemporary, or excessive-tech? What is approximately minimalist, artsy, bold, or retro? Do you need your website to be clean and prepared or have a grungy appearance?


4. Decide on your preferred internet site format. This one is a chunk complex, seeing that most great WordPress subject matters might have one design by default. However, it provides you with the choice to, without difficulty, select from various layout alternatives. If you do not love the default layout of a chosen subject, but it has all the capabilities you seek, you might need to test whether or not the issue consists of more than one format option. Also, it’s probably well worth determining whether you want a blog-type layout (usually with a widget-primarily based sidebar on the proper and remark fields under your posts) or extra of a professional format. A general blog-style design might work properly for news sites (and it encourages discussion from your website visitors). However, it may not be appropriate for company websites.

5. View subject demos. Browse topic demos if you have been a purchaser or a capability customer. For example, is the internet site clean to recognize and navigate, well prepared, and provides you with the search options you want? Is it hygienic to browse pictures on the gallery web page? Does it give an expert photograph of the enterprise?

6. Make positive the subject matter dressmaker offers, some technical aid as a minimum shape. Some theme organizations provide telephone providers, others use email or a ticketing system to assist, and others use help boards to talk with clients. These options are generally first-class; however, ensure they provide some help and customer service. WordPress is simple to use, and maximum issues (specifically top-class topics) paint thoroughly, but you can nevertheless have problems or stumble upon insects now and again. You need to buy a subject from a company or individual who might be around to help you if you run into a problem 10 months after you buy the topic. Technical Support is one of the many functions you will get while shopping for a premium free, instead of using a loose WordPress subject matter.

7. To store a variety of time, instead of digging through the websites of numerous theme corporations, test out some online marketplaces that combine the quality WordPress commercial enterprise subject matters from multiple theme designers into one place.


When it involves online advertising, It looks like every small business focuses on locations like Facebook and Twitter. While social media is essential and an incredible manner to communicate with your customers and ability clients, your internet site is the actual face of your enterprise. I continuously see small organizations spending a lot of money on pay-according-to-click ads, Facebook commercials, SEO, and more, all of which direct traffic to their websites. As a result, when you click on the business enterprise’s internet site, you’re frequently greeted with a stale, puzzling, and out-of-date website that the business enterprise,

in all likelihood, paid an awesome bit of cash to have constructed for them in 1992. You can create quality merchandise, provide first-rate services, make the first-class meals of any restaurant in your area, or write an awesome book; however, if your website isn’t always smooth to apply, smooth to understand, and easy to purchase from, you’re most possibly losing plenty of enterprises. People DO decide on a book via its cowl, and your internet site is that ‘cover’ – it’s frequently the first impression human beings have with your commercial enterprise.

I have become reminded of this lately as I found a woodworker/contractor to do a little work on our house. I searched on Google, clicked on some AdWords commercials, and was repeatedly introduced to recoil-worth websites that make me leave their websites literally within seconds. My mindset turned into that if those ‘agencies’ cared so little about themselves to pay attention to their websites, I did not need to consider them renovating a part of my residence. They might have been wonderful carpenters for all I realize; however, the first impression they gave me immediately made me off to them. It is so easy and inexpensive to have a brilliant

website these days that there’s no excuse for groups now not to, no matter what industry they’re in. WordPress and different website software options available make it possible for absolutely everyone, with any budget and any level of technical knowledge, to have a tremendous search website. Dustin Glass is the founding father of Themespotter.com and is captivated by the generation, net design, small enterprise, and, of course, WordPress. Themespotter is a WordPress theme market designed to make locating the perfect subject for your business smooth, permitting you to search, sort, and demo subject matters from all top designers in a single region.

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