Help or hype can travel apps make a difference

At the begin of 2018, there had been about 3.8million apps on Google’s Play shop and greater than two million on Apple’s App Store. Five percent of all apps had been journey associated and every journey app promised to streamline the tour enjoy or make the experience more at ease and fun. But have they […]

Google Opens The Doors Wide For Web Apps

It’s a quiet factor, the Chrome Developer Summit, however the stuff being announced there ought to quietly revolutionize apps and app shipping forever. While that could sound like a pretty lofty statement, I don’t assume it’s miles that far-fetched at this point. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs from this factor forward) had been shaping up over […]

Digital Dining Putting meals apps to the check

It’s a system so simple and it starts offevolved at your fingertips. Delivery apps make ordering out of your preferred restaurants less complicated than ever. But what are you actually procuring that convenience? Delivery apps can flip a night time in right into a night out without having to snag a reservation, discover a parking […]

Period-tracking apps aren’t for ladies

Its little cloud body drifted across my iPhone screen: “7 days late!” written in pleasant blue lettering on its belly. It became very lovable, and certainly, being pregnant tests later, it could be confirmed that I was pregnant — now not adorable in any respect. “8 days late! Nine days late! 10 days past due! […]

PC Versus Mac Wars

It’s tough to pick a begin to this struggle. Apple changed into first in presenting a personal laptop between the two. But the IBM became definitely the first model designed for enterprise. The hardware turned into without a doubt now not the driving force between either model of personal computer, it became software program. First […]

Google tour apps you’ve somehow lived

If you have got a telephone, you possibly have at the least one Google app in your cell phone. Up till this summer season, Android phones got here preloaded with bundled Google apps like YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail, which continuously rank among the most popular in Apple’s App Store keep as well. What you […]

Android apps of 2018

WhatsApp Messenger It won’t surprise many, but the maximum downloaded Android app globally is WhatsApp Messenger. The Facebook-owned online messaging app has been downloaded more than 1 billion instances. Messenger, every other textual content and video app owned with the aid of Facebook, has been downloaded greater than 1 billion times and has a median […]

Microsoft prototypes Xbox controllers for mobile gadgets

Further to Microsoft’s declaration that it became getting into the game streaming service with Project xCloud, the company is seeking to develop controllers that may be appended to mobile phones and tablets to bring “console fine” gaming to our transportable devices. A Microsoft studies paper (via WindowsCentral) entitled “Demo: A Versatile Controller Concept for Mobile […]

How to Stop Mobile Apps That Steal

smartphones are motivating targets for cybercriminals. Mobile devices these days hold non-public and monetizable facts along with login credentials, economic statistics, and business enterprise secrets — no longer to mention spy-friendly sensors inclusive of microphones, cameras and vicinity electronics. Unsavory actors gain access to telephones thru breaches, bodily access to the device or, an increasing […]