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WordPress Page Loading Speeds and Google Search- Try to Avoid Plugins


WordPress Page Loading Speeds and Google Search- Try to Avoid Plugins


Having been an information structures architect and massive corporate internet site developer for decades, one of the things I were ever cognizant of is the need of getting a web page to render speedy. With this in mind, I had continually gone the path of custom website improvement because you can layout such streamlined web pages that you may be assured that they render right away to an give up consumer. I had in no way delved into the world of WordPress till recent instances but had constantly desired to test it out architecturally – I have simply constructed that manner – a true geek.

Building we blog site currently gave me this possibility. After building a draft weblog site using WordPress, I took the time to feature it to my Google “Webmaster Toolbox” portfolio to peer how Google perceived these pages from a loading velocity perspective rather than my formerly constructed custom websites and I become startled to peer the consequences. First off, the Google seek engine loves to see pages load in around 250 milliseconds or better. These custom websites built previously had no issues with this pace requirement. My number one one loaded on average at one hundred seventy-five milliseconds per page and the second at 186 milliseconds consistent with web page respectively.

Then I looked at these days created WordPress weblog site and it came in at a whopping 1,950-millisecond average load velocity per web page. This might be a completely unacceptable page load speed in Google’s eyes and this website could manifestly be penalized of their seek engine scores as an end result. Not to say, people would regularly just surrender looking ahead to the web page to render and might go someplace else as an alternative, costing the site proprietor an ability sale. A real disgrace after doing the advertising paintings to carry them to your website in the first area.WordPress

This got me thinking about why this problem turned into going on as I virtually need to enhance on those averages with the WordPress website currently constructed so I went to a web device that one could use to check your website load speeds and get some distinct evaluation as to what is inflicting the slowness at the website Online’s pages. This device by the manner is supplied via a corporation referred to as Pingdom Tools who can be discovered on the Internet.

After discovering my page load troubles the usage of the tool, I realized that my approximate height-10 2nd load speeds had been being as a result of immoderate embedded JavaScript callouts to third birthday party plugins at the same time as my page become trying to load and for this reason, the loading of this outside code into my web page at the same time as the web page itself become trying to load; became bringing my web page load overall performance to its knees.



This led me to the Google Developers site to search for solutions to those problems and it actually did now not wonder me to study that the number one culprit inflicting the slowness of my page loading become that my pages have been the usage of a number of “WordPress” plugins. In reality, simply having amusing with WordPress plugins, I had used them for the entirety and had as a result, activated approximately 26 of them on my website to offer all the capabilities I desired to have on my blog website pages – and numerous of these were activated to paintings with a WordPress “Theme” that I had bought from a 3rd birthday celebration dealer. The Google Developer site went on to say and I will at once quote a pair excerpts from their website right here:

“Avoid Plugins: Plugins assist the browser method unique types of net content material, which includes Flash, Silverlight, and Java. Most cell devices do now not assist plugins, and plugins are a leading cause of hangs, crashes, and protection incidents in browsers that provide support. Due to these issues, many computing device browsers restriction plugins.” They pass on to say that “Most content that when required plugins can now be created the usage of native internet technology, inclusive of content material requiring quality and for audio and video, superior photos, and present results, community connections, neighborhood garage and report get right of entry to.” Using these web platform features will assist ensure that your wealthy content material may be accessed on all gadgets.”

So the lowest line for some WordPress website owners who’re wondering why they may be seeing excessive one page leap charges for clients coming to their sites, is that it’s far immediately being due to slow page load speeds on their websites which might be possibly being as a result of the use of a variety of JavaScript callouts on a website load which is the number one method of invoking the 3rd birthday celebration plugins getting used. To see your very own loading truths, go somewhere to a computer that has by no means been for your website and tries and load it from there or use the tool I stated above to get a more accurate loading assessment. You will also get an inkling of the hassle in case you are seeing high bounce charges whilst you are viewing your site the use of the Google Analytics toolset.

My subject as I finish off this newsletter with the aid of the way is that I know there are numerous human beings obtainable starting their very own at domestic online groups who’ve very little extensive website improvement knowledge as they start out. The sad fact is they desire to use these sites they create to make extra cash from home but would extra than probably be oblivious to the poor effects on their website performance resulting from using plugins. They don’t know that they ought to be minimizing or disposing of the usage of these plugins wherever viable inside the pursuits of getting a higher appearing website that is necessary for Google to rank the web page excessive sufficient to send visitors there.

Their approach has to be to reduce or completely eliminate these plugins on their websites over time as they examine greater about the way to layout and build websites. Also, if they’re waiting so as to get sustained natural site visitors from Google and to have their pages render well on most mainstream browsers (which includes Chrome, Firefox and something browsers Microsoft is assisting currently, in addition to on cellular gadgets; they’ll ultimately have to discover ways to at once code parts in their websites using website development equipment to start the usage of native and advanced internet technology to build within the better stop features that they want to make use of.

My remaining suggestions with this newsletter: Start to study all your plugins and widgets used on your WordPress internet site(s) to see which of them you could do without and deactivate and remove them if you could. Some may be doing nothing for you at all and are just negatively impacting your load speeds through being activated for your website. Then see which different ones are without problems replaceable with the aid of some easy coding you could implement; consisting of using hyper linked URL code to get to a 3rd celebration website in preference to the use of that 3rd birthday party’s supplied plugin or widget to your site. This will come up with a start on enhancing your page load speeds, improving your site jump facts, and thereby increasing your website get admission to numbers and income conversions.Google Search

There might be greater you need to do together with your website coding structures to improve loading speeds to get absolutely “righteous” with the Google seek engine, however, this as a minimum can be a start line for enhancing your web site’s overall performance.

About Dan Grijzenhout: Dan has lived a success entrepreneurial profession for over 30 years. He has been a representative, entrepreneur, systems architect, and developer, investor, business owner and is now a writer and online path creator and teacher, sharing his years of experience and understanding with others. Search for the call – Dan Grijzenhout – on Amazon to see his to be had books and e-books.

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