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Trouble With WordPress But Success At Last!


Trouble With WordPress But Success At Last!


I’ve had a – I changed into going to say a love/hate dating with WordPress, but it has been a hate relationship with it over the last couple of years.


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I consistently determined my blogs were offline, had Internal Server Errors, and had been very slow to load (a few page load times exceeding 60 seconds). Further to all that, I hosted the sites with what turned out to be a few awful picks for web hosts, which led to a few websites going offline for weeks and others going offline permanently without entry to backups to resurrect them.

What can I say? It’s been a getting-to-know experience.

Lesson discovered: Always download backups of your sites from your server on your PC; you just never understand when you’ll need to use them!

1. Blaming WordPress

I used accountable WordPress for all the trouble my websites suffered from. I blamed it for being an aid hog (which it is in case you add any wide variety of plugins), buggy (extra because of plugin conflicts and WordPress updates breaking plugins), and now not being a match for cause as I could not run whatever aside from the most fundamental of blogs on a shared website hosting account.

But I’ve realized that the “Bill of Sale” is deceptive. If you want to run a WordPress blog that uses more than one simple plugin and gets a piece of traffic, website hosting it on a shared website hosting account just won’t cut it. But you’re by no means instructed that. You must learn the difficult manner.

Reseller money owed can work for you. For a time, I did host some of my blogs at two reseller hosting organizations. And, for the maximum component, the blogs ran first-rate. And then they didn’t. The organization was brought directly to a technically impaired new proprietor in both cases. So when matters went wrong, they stayed wrong for lengthy intervals. And in some instances, completely.

So, another lesson was found out. Don’t use small website hosting corporations.

Smaller reseller organizations can offer lower prices; however, their sturdiness and technical knowledge aren’t always confident. And the cash you store on inexpensive web hosting is far outstripped by the sales lost from websites being offline. And then there’s the time and cost you become looking to diagnose what becomes wrong and your sites as an alternative to going for walks your enterprise.

So, the handiest use reseller debts from lengthy-set up, legit website hosting companies.


2. When Your Hosting Isn’t Up To Scratch

But while reseller bills are not up to the job of jogging several blogs, it is time to transport up to a VPS. You get extra sources, so weblog overall performance improves, and blogs are up and going for walks most of the time.

Except while they are no longer.

And your web host begins complaining about your blogs bringing down your VPS.

It’s time to upgrade to a better distinct VPS at this period.

Which is where I am now.

3. Getting Real With Your Hosting Needs

I used to pay $20 per month to host businesses to host approximately 30 blogs between them (so $40 is universally in line with the month). That became pleasant until the web hosts became unreliable. I then moved 10 blogs over to a good, long-mounted web host (the opposite blogs had been dead in the water as I had no neighborhood backups, or the blogs had been useless).

Initially, things had been best, as they always seem, before reaching a few thresholds, and things started to pass wrong. My websites started out going offline, giving Internal Server Errors and such. My web host stated I needed to upgrade my account (I became paying $60 consistent with a month for web hosting).

I asked on various forums why my websites have been so risky on a VPS. Many counseled that one or more WordPress plugins on the websites had been likely to blame. I used tools like Pingdom to peer in which sources were getting used up and liaising with my web host to get a handle on what took place (those guys had been brilliant at some point in this manner).

It turns out that numerous plugins I use on all my websites are resource-hungry, and to improve my websites’ reliability and overall performance, I would enhance my VPS plan. I now pay $80, consistent with a month, for website hosting. So, I spend 4 times what I used to for one-third of the blogs.

That’s WordPress for you.

4. WordPress Success

One of my websites had sub-blogs in folders on the primary site. All the blogs on this domain finished poorly, and the pages may want to take 20+ seconds to load, even on the new VPS plan. So, I am one of these sub-blogs. The difference is that I moved to its own domain.

Lesson found out: Don’t host a couple of weblogs in line with the area.

This sub-blog indexed merchandise on the market from Amazon and eBay. It did OK, but it wasn’t something to write home about. So when I began looking for a new area for it, I wanted something that was the website’s topic, so I did a few keyword research and determined a keyword that received approximately 6,000 searches in step with the month.

The.Org extension for this keyword changed into had, so I registered the area and moved the sub-weblog to the new domain. I’ve been listening to the fact that Google would no longer provide as much (if any) weight to Exact Match Domains (EMD). With the domain being so new, I can’t say if this is the case or no longer, but it’s miles pulling visitors, a good deal greater than the same weblog did in its antique sub-folder. That can simplest be right down to humans searching out the keyword I chose and seeing my web page in the seek outcomes.

Searching Google for my keyword (without the prices), I located the web page first on Page 6 of the quest effects (role 52), so now it is not extraordinary. However, searching for the keyword (surrounded with the aid of quotes), the website seems to be on Page 1 in positions five to ten, so just over half of Page 1 has my pages. So it truly is where lots of traffic is coming from.

And the opposite factor – I have not promoted this website at all. The simplest one-way links I’ve created to this website online are from the unique principal website online.

eBay income for the website is mountaineering daily, although Amazon sales have remained slow.

So, at the same time, as EMDs may not be getting as much Google love as they did as soon as they did, the key phrases utilized in EMDs nonetheless get searched for, and they’re nevertheless worth getting for that reason.

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