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Five Strange Ways a WordPress Site Will Get You More Customers


Five Strange Ways a WordPress Site Will Get You More Customers


Alright, let’s be honest. You were not looking forward to a silly web blog website like WordPress to pressure greater visitors for your site, were you? You certainly were not anticipating something. It’s FREE to get you more enterprise, right? Surprise! WordPress can do all of that AND MORE! Here are the five Strange Ways WordPress Can Get You More Customers:

#5. Go Viral –

Have you ever had a domain so atypical or out there that people cannot assist you? Something that is thus far outside your consolation sector, which you smile and almost express regret while human beings see it – but that makes you a CRAPLOAD of sales?

Being Mad

NO? I even have. This very site used to be black and neon purple. The header turned into a half-bare female (her lower torso) and the word “Marketing for Men with the B*as to Get Rich” (the website targeted male business owners especially). Keep in thoughts I’m a female. Having ANYTHING 1/2-bare on my website changed into outdoor my comfort quarter. But bet what befell? First of all, the website went definitely viral. I imply that I didn’t have to pay one crimson cent for advertising and had a ready list over 6 months long.


Secondly, I did not see this coming; the general public who contacted me to advertise fabric one had been WOMEN. Turns out, girls felt that I turned into poking fun at guys. Men felt like I was talking on a stage they understood. Between the two, I made more money in 6 months than I’d made my entire copywriting profession ahead. Going viral changed into a pleasant way I could get the word out about my advertising services. But tendencies change, and to continue to be on top, I have to trade, too (and so have you).

This leads me to factor #4…

#4: Being Flexible –

One of the remarkable things about WordPress is that you may switch, change, and customize your skin/subject matter on the web page to suit something’s hot at that 2nd – while not having to alternate the words or usability of your website. That’s why I paint as speedy as I do – developments can disappear like a fart in the wind (were not awaiting me to write that, huh?), and if you want to stay on the slicing aspect, you need to work quickly too.

Granted, nobody’s gonna visit your website and say, “Well, I turned into going to shop for their widget, but they’re the usage of fall colors, and it’s almost summertime,” or whatever. If they are that choosy, do you really need them as customers? (I’ll help you with the smooth questions.) Um, NO. But by being inclined (and able) to trade the appearance and feel of your website in nearly a single day, you are confident in a pinnacle spot in your particular area of interest (and that’s a fantastic role to be in!)


#3: Get Searchable! –

I’ve told you before that WordPress makes ranking in the serps like Google and Bing easier. Do you want to recognize why? (It doesn’t matter cause I’m gonna inform you anyway.) Here’s the thing: the serps send out those “robots” and “spiders” (their names, no longer mine) that “crawl” through your website, seeking out ideas for what your web page is about, and then they report that statistics away from their databases.

When someone kinds in a certain keyword (like “dog grooming”), the database right away pulls up a listing of sites they have “crawled” that must do with “dog grooming” (a few VERY relevant to the subject, some pass over the mark entirely).

But here’s the key…Most websites that can be placed on the old World Wide Web don’t “DO” whatever. Although theyy have a domestic web page, it is the same because of 2007, and nothing on the web page is ever updated. So the robots and spiders crawl the site, get the subject’s gist, and MAYBE return every 6 months or so to ensure that is what’s taking place…And the maximum of the time, the web page looks exactly equal.

WordPress is definitely one of a kind. You can update your property page on the fly, create a new blog post, add a new web page…And it maintains the one’s spiders coming again a LOT more regularly (I’ve trained mine to return again every other day)!

This interprets into their database, wondering, “Wow. These men are occurring! This website is continuously updated, so the fabric remains relevant and clean! We gotta come back extra often to ensure we stay on a pinnacle of what they have got going on!” The result? Your page ranks better for the phrases you usually use on your website. Thus, youu get ranked extra frequently (ever see a search with multiple outcomes for the same internet site? Like that.)

The bottom line is that it is a VERY accurate component indeed.

#2: Look like a genius –

Quick, it’s nighttime, earlier than the main holiday. You simply have an idea of a KILLER promotion that’ll tie into precisely what’s happening the next day. Do you have time to contact your webmaster and communicate exactly what you need to achieve, wait 3 days for them to get to it (they were on holiday and don’t recognize), and with the aid, the opportunity has exceeded?


Alternatively, can you hop onto your WordPress website, make the updates yourself, and a day after today be able to roll out a brand new merchandising that seems like you’d organized for it all year? DUH! (OK, help with the smooth questions once more.) OF COURSE, YOU WANT TO DO WITHOUT THE EVER-VACATIONING WEBGUY!

Don’t get me wrong. There is certain stuff you need someone else to do (that entire worry-of-breaking-some thing-you-don’t-expertise-to-repair…That’s what I’m here for.) But there may be a BOATLOAD of modifications and changes you understand (or a short educational might display you how to do) to add pages or make modifications on the fly!

And that leads us to the #1 Strange Way Your WordPress Site Will Get You More Customers (is that a drumroll inside the background?

#1: Become a Social Gathering Place! Which?

Look, you can no longer have Twitter updates and feedback in your weblog throughout your WordPress site (inappropriate places, mind you)…But it’s CAKE EASY to add a discussion board wherein your readers can get into discussions (HELLO! It does not necessarily involve you writing something!) about applicable subjects they can even create themselves!

How does this translate into greater customers or maybe sales? It’s true that the longer a person stays on your web page, the more likely they are to shop. This is because you’re building a relationship with them through the words, photos, videos, or something on your web page.

Get them to preserve coming lower back because they need to see the modern-day comment, update, or query posted on a forum, Tweet, or blog posting, and you’re golden, my pal!

So what are you looking forward to? This is the handiest SNAPSHOT of what your website is capable of! So head over to Big Cheese Marketing dot com right this 2nd (while it is nonetheless clean on your thoughts), and permit’s get the ball rolling!

To read more about developing a custom website that puts YOU returned within the driver’s seat AND receives you greater traffic (and sales), test out Rachel?S.

To your marketing achievement,

Rachel Young
Big Cheese Marketing

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