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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tablet Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab S was one of the first excessive-quit Android drugs and a strong alternative to Apple’s already-installed high-stop pills.

But now Samsung has released a new tablet, a successor to the Tab S, named Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Like the modern Apple iPads, the Tab S2 comes in sizes: an eight-inch tablet and a 9.7-inch one. This quiet of year is dominated by more than one iPad release, and on account that I’m certain maximum folks have first-rate expectation from the Tab S2, let’s see how nicely it fares on this fierce opposition.

Galaxy Tab S2

Graet New

In this review, we will have to look at the 8-inch variation of the Galaxy Tab S2.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a graceful design, with properly rounded corners, flat edges, a matte end at the lower back cowl, and a steel body. The lower back cover is made from soft plastic, and the front is made of glass. Overall, the case seems robust and does have a premium look and experience; however, some may wonder why Samsung determined to ditch the metallic and glass idea, mainly considering that some, in reality, waited for this form of layout.

The answer is quite simple. The case could be notably fragile and much heavier, making the tablet difficult to maintain for longer durations. It would have created issues with overheating, and it would have been more pricey.

But, the brand new Galaxy Tab S2 is sincere, thin, and lightweight. It measures 7.82×five.31×0.22 inches and weighs 9. Fifty-nine ounces, making the tablet one of the lightest and thinnest drugs ever made.

Unfortunately, if you press harder on the returned cover, you will note that there is a piece of flex. But that is the only downside because the tablet may be easily carried and can be held in one hand for long durations without discomfort.


So, sure, no wrist traces, the grip is superb, and if you’re on a plane or for a protracted education voyage, this is one of the first-class pills to hold around. Of course, that’s also to be had for regular use (if you want to sit on the mattress and watch a movie before sleep) or carry the tablet in a purse or bag. So that’s the tablet’s essential promoting factor, the relaxed manipulation, because it is lightweight.

We noticed the pill is cozy, but what about its buttons, ports sense, and site? The buttons feel pretty stable, and there is no lack of ports. In addition, the right facet of the tablet is home to the Power button, the volume controller, and a microSD slot (to insert a microSD card, you need to use a paper clip to access the tray).

You could locate two audio systems, a Micro-USB port, and a three—5 mm headphone jack on the bottom. Finally, on the return of the S2, there is a digital camera (in the middle) and metal circles intended for clipping a keyboard cover onto the pill.

On the front of Tab S2 is the same old domestic button and 2 capacitive buttons. The domestic button doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is accurate and rapid, being a nice addition to protection.


The 8-inch Tab S2’s display is a Quad HD AMOLED. It has a pixel density of 320 ppm, extensive viewing angles, is blanketed by Gorilla Glass, and is is normal. It desires to supply a similar experience we got accustomed to with the Tab S.

But sadly, this is most effective available only for the larger, 9.7-inch pile. The smaller Tab S2 makes use of the PenTile sub-matrix era. Sure, there are a lot of discussions about which kind of display is better or lasts longer. Still, a pointy eye will see a small distinction (particularly within the text crispness) between the 2 S2 fashions, the larger one being better in direction.

Regardless, just like any Super-AMOLED display, you will see excessive evaluation, fairly deep black degrees, high-quality vibrancy, a high evaluation ratio, and vibrant colors. Viewing angles have been great, and the show now has two functions: the Adaptive Display and the Reading Mode.

Analyzing the show, it’s clear that it is brighter than the Galaxy Tab S. Still, while it is exquisite for visibility (especially on sunny days or on the seashore), an image with extraordinary levels of white may seem blown out.


The skinny case of Galaxy S2 is domestic to an octa-core Exynos 5433 CPU (a 1.9GHz quad-middle Cortex A57 chip and a 1.3GHz quad-middle Cortex A53 chip), subsidized with the aid of a Mali-T760 MP6 GPU (max frequency of 700MHz), 3GB RAM, local 32 or 64GB storage and a probable addition of as much as 128GB with a microSD card.

Overall, we failed to experience large performance troubles simultaneously while we tried out the Tab S2. However, it became behind the iPad mini 4 or the Nexus 9. It’s clear that Samsung didn’t use it as the best chip, and although the 8-inch tablet has an affordable competition thinking about the rate tag, the larger version is no longer on par with other similarly priced drugs.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 runs on Android five.1.1 Lollipop with the TouchWiz custom interface. The excellent aspect is that Samsung has finally discovered that a clean, bloatware-loose machine is what customers desire from the beginning. Now, there may be a few apps that can be uninstalled, and some of them are sincerely beneficial.

The interface is cleaner, but are some leftovers do not make sense. For example, you still have the Internet and Email apps with Chrome and Gmail. Obviously, you don’t need the first cited ones, so why include them?

Some apps can’t be uninstalled, like Gallery, Camera, Music, My Files, and others; however, I found many benefits (like Microsoft Word, OneDrive, and Skype).

Other interesting apps and capabilities are SideSync (which lets you move documents between your pill and your PC), Smart Supervisor (manages your RAM usage, battery existence, garage, and protection), Connect (consists of Support, Discover, and Promotions) the Flipboard Briefing and the new split-screen implementation.

Although Android Lollipop does not assist cut-display screen multitasking, Samsung has made it viable, the hassle being the builders who should benefit from this new feature. But it is no longer all Samsung has delivered; there may now be a fingerprint scanner on the Home button (you only must position your finger on top of the controller; no swiping is asked).


Most of the time, you will use the cameras for Skype (or any opportunity application), but if you decide to use it for pictures, realize that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 does not disappoint.

It packs an 8-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing 2.1-megapixel digicam, and each can shoot a few pretty good pictures. Also, thinking that the bar is quite low for pill cameras, the Galaxy Tab S2 capabilities are satisfactory sets of cameras.

Images shot with the rear camera appeared sharp and rich colors, particularly in true lighting fixtures. It also did fairly nicely in darker environments, although there has been a sizeable grain.

Some preferred modes are available: HDR, Panorama, Dual Camera, and Virtual Shot. The camera can also file QHD movies with 2560×1440 decisions.

Battery Life

The eight-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a 4000 mAh non-removable battery, and the 9.7-inch model functions a 5870 mAh non-detachable battery. You can sport for about 5 hours before recharge, around 7 hours of video playback, and overall, the battery will make it during a full day of light use. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 lacks the Wi-Fi charging function, and there’s additionally no speedy charging. Fully recharging the tablet takes about 4 hours.



There aren’t many excessive-cease Android capsules on the market and even much fewer that may be considered actual competitors to the Apple drugs. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is an improvement in some sectors over the Tab S and a worthy competitor to Apple tablets; however, some capabilities have been downgraded simultaneously.

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