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Royal Albert Taps Blogger to Create New Tea Gift Line


Royal Albert Taps Blogger to Create New Tea Gift Line


Royal Albert, the long-lasting British logo, takes part with Samira Kazan, a London-based blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer, on a line of tea-time items underneath Kazan’s Alpha Foodie moniker.
Kazan’s line is embellished with photographic styles of fruit and vegetation in her signature crimson and turquoise. On Royal Albert’s fine bone china and trimmed with 22k gold, the designs had been created and selected in concert with Kazan’s weblog fans, who voted for his or her favorites.
Royal Albert, a part of Fiskars Living Business, provided Alpha Foodie at the New York Tabletop Show in gift sets, including a teacup, saucer, and plate set; mini-covered sugar and cream set; in addition to a small teapot and a two-tier cake stand.

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The sample is stimulated by Alpha Foodie’s signature smoothie bowl and capabilities of practical-looking blueberries and blackberries, along with handpainted daisies. In addition, an unmarried daisy may be observed in the teacup.

Kazan, who’s an Oxford graduate studying neurology, became Alpha Foodie through a length of culinary curiosity and experimentation. “My life appears to be very colorful, and I love my food to be colorful too because the eyes consume first,” she stated.

In addition to the Alpha Foodie line, Royal Albert’s different Tabletop Market introductions encompass new Modern Vintage combined sets and some breakfast, mug, and plate sets in its Old Country Roses sample. The collection of 4 cups and a 12-piece tea interesting set is one of a kind to Macy’s.

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