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PRIME PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.-$has informed BSE that the assembly of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled on 03/11/2018 ,inter alia, to don’t forget and approve We are pleased to inform the exchange, that Pursuant to Regulation 29 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, notice is hereby given that an assembly of the Board of Directors of the Company may be held on the Registered Office of the Company on Saturday, 03rd November, 2018 at 03:30 PM to inter-alia discuss, do not forget, approve and tackle record the Un-Audited Financial Results for the Quarter and Half Year ended 30th September 2018 along with the Statement of Assets and Liabilities as on that date.
Further be aware that the Trading Window shall be closed from 26th October 2018 to 05th November 2018

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Property improvement can simplest achieve success if you get your metrics right!

What does this imply? If you intend to come to be a assets developer or you are looking for a website to broaden, earlier than you want to recognise what you are searching out, you need to recognize why you are looking for it.

What this means is that you have to set up if there may be demand for a positive assets product; once you know that there’s call for you could then start looking for the precise site to broaden to meet that demand. This is called research.

There aren’t any use developing assets that no person desires; whether that is due to the fact its miles within the wrong region or if it’s far the wrong product for that region.

The majority of people understand residential belongings so I will use that as the instance. If you want to expand flats you should establish where there’s a demand for that product. Don’t, in reality, say “I need to broaden flats in my suburb” as this may get you into the actual hassle.


If your market studies suggest you that there is a call for residences on your suburb then continue to the next step within the improvement process, but now not with out organizing the marketplace demand first. By the way, you haven’t started searching out an improvement web site yet!

Assuming you’ve got located an area that has called for you currently want to keep in mind whether or not there is any deliver entering the marketplace to meet the call for you have got recognized. Drive around the area and spot how many apartment blocks are being constructed.

Talk to nearby real property retailers about what is offered and what new property tendencies are coming up; retailers recognize a lot about their place. The sellers can even tell you of places to keep away from or areas that you should focus upon.

Most Local Council’s put up information approximately what planning/improvement packages were lodged or are permitted. You may wish to visit the Local Council and ask a town planner approximately the number of apartment applications they have got determined or have inside the machine at that point.

And bear in mind approximately the net; there may be so much statistics to be had on the web which you just can not afford to disregard it.

What you ‘re trying to establish is whether or not there’s an oversupply of apartments getting into the market to fulfill the call for that you have recognized. If there are too many residences coming into the market then why might you need to broaden more and create an oversupply and danger your money?

But if there may be no longer sufficient supply entering the market to fulfill the demand, you understand it is time to discover that web page to develop. Research may be profitable.
If you take place to be a belongings investor, a developer, or a landlord, there is an array of business land and development financing options to kick-start your project. However, for lots commercial realty investors, the alternative investment market is quite complex and big. So thru this post, we are attempting to simplify commercial assets financing options for buyers like you who’re looking ahead to growing their own commercial houses.

Commercial mortgages

Commercial loans are used for getting industrial homes, including workplaces, warehouses, and shops. Broadly defining, these mortgages will paintings like their private counterparts best. That is, a commercial mortgage will work to spread the cost of any huge purchase over a specific time period-generally, a set wide variety of years.

The plainest business finance type can be leveraged by way of current companies that need to make investments/purchase in their own premises; a place where a enterprise is currently running. One common instance is of a dentist who’ll need to shop for a selected piece of land inside the health center’s premises. However, if the dentists can’t pay for that specific piece of real estate immediately, then the dental professional can avail oneself of a number of industrial mortgage options-as an instance, commercial bridge financing.

If you don’t desire contributing coins yourself, then it is going to be, on occasion, viable to get close to 100 percent financing by using installing additional safety. However, for buying full financing, you ought to have an effective buying and selling report and a solid record of operating in the premise (where you’re looking ahead to making an investment). If you speak of the businesses, then it’s smooth for a longtime commercial enterprise to get a industrial fund; but, for a start-up, getting business mortgages is difficult as the creditors should face plenty of dangers.

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