7 Tips to Remodel Your Kid’s Bedroom

You can look for various possibilities when remodelling your kid’s bedroom. It totally depends upon what you want your child to experience when he/she enters his/her room. You can make it look more organized and a peaceful space or make it look creative and aesthetically pleasing.


Adding certain features that your child wish can make his bedroom a dreamland for him. Creating a budget-friendly, functional and colorful room can make your child spend most of the time in his room exploring his creativity.

Yes, designing a kid’s room becomes challenging when you cannot retrieve what does your child likes the most or when your child is too moody. So, I have incorporated some points that will help you with the room renovation. Have a look-

1) Make it look colorful-

Wall paint can make the room look attractive for your kids, so do ask them what colors do they like. You can go for making their favourite cartoon figures that will make the room livelier for your children.

If not their favourite character from the movie then paint patterns on walls with flowers and butterflies, maybe moon and stars.

2) Features in the room-

Sit with your child and talk about various things that they would like to have in their room. It is important because you may become familiar with their interests in certain things like sports, music, animals, nature etc. So their room must portray their choice.

3) Install Bunk Beds-

Buy bunk beds instead of normal beds if you have more than one child. They look playful and add to innovation. You can opt of bunk beds with storage space to keep the toys just below it, which are easy to reach for your kids.

4) Storage Space for Children-

It is important that you make adequate storage space for their clothes, books and toys that are easily accessible by them as well.

Open wall shelves are cost-effective and can display their stuffed toys, collectables and storybooks.

Bedside drawers can be used to keep valuable things that are used daily such as towel, clips, undergarments and socks.

5) Seating Arrangement-

Children do invite their friends over to play with them. They like to flaunt their room and toys to their friends and spend quality time with them. So apart from their bedding, there needs to be proper and comfortable seating which can include bean bags or mattresses that could be placed on the floor where children can lay and play without getting injured.

6) Lighting Fixtures-

Do not go for adding classy lighting fixtures that are meant for a living room or a room of an adult. Go for focused lights that are neither too bright nor dull. Incorporate bedside table lamps so that your children become habitual of reading novels or books at night under its light.

7) Add Windows-

Windows can help your children enjoy the outside view. They can improve ventilation and making the room more fresh and airy. Install colorful drapes on the window to limit the amount of sunlight during hot temperature conditions.


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