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The Army will test new software program for its cars computer systems


The Army will test new software program for its cars computer systems


The Army is bringing software merchandise into the testing environment because it is changing its technique to its new car-primarily based common mission command machine, the provider’s software supervisor stated.

The Mounted Computing Environment will function as one issue of the Army’s eventual commonplace operating environment, which envisions a collection of tools that provide commanders and soldiers with equal look and sense from the command put up to the tactical facet. Additionally, the Mounted Computing Environment may be featured on ground combat structures.



The software merchandise, which performs on Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MCS) hardware, consists of Frontline v2.0 — the core software program that has a commonplace appearance and with Command Post Computing Environment software program — and the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) solution, which has a common look and feel with Nett Warrior.

The Army will check these software program products at the imminent Network Integration Evaluation at Fort Bliss in October and November. These consumer tests will inform the design for the Mounted Computing Environment going forward, Col. Troy Crosby, project manager for Mission Command at Program Executive Office Command, Control Communications-Tactical, told C4SIRNET in an interview AUSA annual meeting.

Following NIE, Crosby said the manufacturers should have the vast technical information from the instrumentation and useful soldier remarks to keep the design.
Crosby added Army leaders and representatives from industry are searching out a conditions obstacles file coming from the Army Test and Evaluation Command. Coupled with the comments, the 2 can make vital changes to the development attempt.

A pleasant case state of affairs fortress he Mounted Computing Environment from NIE, Crosby stated, would be getting a devoted Forces Command unit to equip an entire brigade with paintings to mature the design.

To date, the experimentation with the Mounted Computing Environment has been developmental testing as the application office has not had a committed unit from Forces Command to conduct the demonstrations.


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