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Atlassian launches the new Jira Software Cloud


Atlassian launches the new Jira Software Cloud


Atlassian previewed the next technology of its hosted Jira Software assignment monitoring device earlier this year. Today, it’s to be had to all Jira users. To build the new Jira, Atlassian redesigned both the again-give up a stack and rethought the person enjoy from the ground up. That’s not a smooth alternate, given how essential Jira has to turn out to be for truly every agency that develops software — and given that its miles Atlassian’s flagship product. And with this release, Atlassian is now basically splitting the hosted version of Jira (hosted on AWS) from the self-hosted server version and prioritizing exceptional functions for each.

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So the new version of Jira that’s launching to all users these days doesn’t just have a brand new, cleaner look, but greater importantly, new functionality that permits for a more flexible workflow that’s less dependent on admins and offers extra autonomy to teams (assuming the admins don’t turn the ones functions off).

Because modifications to this kind of popular tool are always going to upset, as a minimum, a few users, it’s well worth noting on the outset that the old classic view isn’t going away. “It’s vital to note that the subsequent-gen experience will no longer update our traditional experience, which hundreds of thousands of users are happily the use of,” Jake Brereton, head of marketing for Jira Software Cloud, instructed me. “The subsequent-gen experience and the associated project type may be to be had further to the conventional projects that users have continually had get admission to. However, we don’t have any plans to take away or sundown any of the classic functionality in Jira Cloud.”
The center guiding principle of the redecorating is that software improvement in 2018 could be very unique from how developers worked in 2002 when Jira first released. Interestingly sufficient, the acquisition of Trello additionally helped guide the general design of the brand new Jira.

“One of the key matters that guided our approach is truly bringing the simplicity of Trello and the power of Jira together,” Sean Regan, Atlassian’s head of boom for Software Teams, told me. “One of the reasons for this is that current software program improvement groups aren’t simply developers down the corridor taking requirements. Instead, they’re embedded with the business in the exceptional companies, where you’ve got analysts, advertising, designers, product builders, and product managers — all operating collectively as a squad or a triad. So JIRA, it must be easy enough for those groups to feature, but it needs to be effective enough to run a complicated software development procedure.”

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Surprisingly, the influence of Trello is maximum obvious inside the Jira forums, where you could now drag and drop cards, upload new columns with some clicks, and without problems clear out cards primarily based on your cutting-edge needs (without having to study Jira’s effective however arcane question language). Gone are when you had to dig into the configuration to make even the best changes to aboard.

As Regan cited, whilst Jira becomes first built, it becomes built with a single crew in thought. Today, there’s a combination of teams from one-of-a-kind departments that use it. So at the same time, as a novel permissions model for all of Jira labored for one crew, it doesn’t make feel anymore whilst the entire corporation uses the product. In the brand new Jira, then, the permissions version is undertaking-based. “So if we desired to start a crew proper now and build a product, we should design our board, customize our very own problems, construct our personal workflows — and we ought to do it without having to discover the IT man down the hall,” he cited.

One characteristic the crew appears to be particularly proud of is roadmaps. That’s a brand new feature in Jira that makes it less complicated for groups to look at the massive image. Like with forums, it’s clean sufficient to change the roadmap by simply dragging the unique large chunks of labor (or “epics,” in the Agile parlance) to a brand new date.

“It’s a genuinely simple roadmap,” Brereton explained. “It’s that way with the aid of design. But the problem we’re actually trying to resolve here is to bring in any stakeholder in the business and supply them one view in which they could be available and realize that what they’re searching at is up to date. Because it’s tied to your real paintings, you understand that what we’re looking at is updated, which looks like a small issue. However, it’s a big factor in phrases of changing the way those teams paintings for effect.“
The Atlassian team additionally redesigned what’s maybe the maximum-considered page of the carrier: the Jira issue. Now, troubles could have attachments of any file type, making it less difficult to work with screenshots or documents from designers.

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Jira now also features several recent APIs for integrations with Bitbucket and GitHub (which launched earlier this month) and InVision, Slack, Gmail, and Facebook for Work.

With this replacement, Atlassian is likewise increasing the consumer restriction to five,000 seats, and Jira now features compliance with 3 distinct ISO certifications and SOC 2 Type II.

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