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Best Password Manager for Mac 2018


Best Password Manager for Mac 2018


The one punch of cybersecurity is an antivirus and a password supervisor. By using the most secure antivirus software and specific passwords on all of your money owed, you may easily combat the dangers of cybercrime. Unfortunately, while most assaults are aimed toward Windows, Mac users aren’t absolutely inside the clean.

We studied our selections for the quality password supervisor and evaluated how well they paintings with macOS to pick out the best password manager for Mac. We got here away with 5 choices and one honorable point out, every of which gives a protracted listing of capabilities and first-rate protection at an affordable fee.

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We’re going to put out how we made out choices, explain why we love every choice, then deliver some not precise to Mac motives for choosing every password manager. While we like Dashlane the most for Mac, all of the alternatives we present work well on Apple’s OS. If you want more Mac-unique articles, test out our first-class VPN for Mac or fine online backup for Mac pieces.

What Makes a Password Manager the Best for Mac
macOS has made it very smooth to shop passwords as you browse Safari with iCloud Keychain. While that will be our honorable mention, it’s restrained in scope. Inauthentic Apple fashion, it doesn’t support different running structures and might reason a few problems when car-filling.

While we’re searching out the nice password manager for Mac, support for another operating gadget shouldn’t be ignored. We checked out password managers that perform well on macOS. However, they have the ability to assist other working systems.

One of the key factors of a paid password manager is its capability to sync passwords throughout gadgets. While a Mac machine may be your most important machine, limiting the password supervisor alternatives to handiest Apple products manner that absolutely everyone with cohabitating running systems is left within the bloodless. This changed into a primary aspect in our fine password supervisor for the iOS manual.

Next, we looked comfy of use. Password managers are supposed to grow your protection whilst making the internet less difficult to browse. Simple ways to organize your vault and the responsiveness of car-fill are key points here.


Usability walks a thin line with strength. As browsers have more and more astonishing password managers integrated, the need for added features and strength is paramount. So we looked at the extras offered via password managers and how properly they’re implemented into the interface. This includes such things as 1Password’s Travel Mode and Dashlane’s dark internet tracking.

Security is vital, too. Browser-based totally password managers often have some form of encryption; however, you at an extra danger of factors like ransomware and browser hijackers. Paid password managers now do not best encrypt your records; however, they additionally placed it thru masses of heaps of rounds of hashing.

You can examine what’s ransomware and what’s browser hijacking courses to study more approximately those assaults.

Finally, we considered a charge. Password managers are reasonably priced as is, so this aspect isn’t as important as others. Our first pick out, Dashlane, is the maximum pricey choice, or even a good way to run you just a few greenbacks consistent with a month. Free plans are a plus.

Best Password Manager for Mac:

Dashlane is our top password supervisor desire. Its ample function set, exceptional usability, and pinnacle-notch safety outshine the alternative alternatives on our list. The latest version six added a rate increase, but with the extra capabilities brought, the plans nonetheless feel well worth the money.

There are some motives we find irresistible on Mac. First, it has a super UI that displays your passwords in a tile formation with massive icons. Second, it can be operated on your browser, too, and even consists of a guide for Safari–something few password managers can boast.



Security is many of the exceptional we’ve visible. In our contrast of Dashlane vs. 1Password, we located that Dashlane’s cutting-edge hashing mechanism, pinnacle-level encryption, and steady tracking of records breaches made it almost impossible to get entry to. Using Dashlane’s password generator, it’d take billions of years to crack an unmarried encrypted password.

You can get an outline of your safety using the security dashboard. For example, Dashlane will display you a usual rating for all your money owed and notify you of any vulnerable reused passwords. This is also wherein you can see information breach notifications.

Other Reasons We Like Dashlane

Version six delivered a charge increase, but it brought a lot of the latest capabilities, too. For example, Dashlane now includes dark net tracking, so one can sift via the dark web and notify you if your non-public information suggests up there. As an example, a password to your financial institution account may be modified before absolutely everyone can use it.

You can trade passwords easily with the use of Dashlane’s Password Changer. This device allows you to robotically update your passwords on a couple of accounts. Among the listed supported websites are Adobe, Reddit, and Box (study our Box Notes review). This makes a vital, however, hardly ever followed, protection exercise a lot easier.

Among the new capabilities, the unmarried-point VPN is the least amazing. While it’ll assist you in bypassing the dangers of public WiFi, it is unremarkable compared to the exceptional VPN providers. That form of protection is first-class treated with a tool like ExpressVPN (examine our ExpressVPN assessment).

Even so, Dashlane’s different functions, like including car-fill on the laptop and comfortable document storage, are enough. There’s an unfastened plan, too, even though it’s limited to 50 entries and mightn’t sync across gadgets. You can learn greater in our Dashlane overview or strive out Premium with a 30-day cash lower back guarantee.


1Password is inexpensive, smooth to apply, and loaded with capabilities, making it an exceptional desire for Mac. 1Password 7, the maximum current version, helps macOS Sierra 10.12.6 or later; however, there’s assistance for legacy OSes as some distance back as OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

The installer comes with the Safari extension, which can be used on its own for getting the right of entry to your account. So if you’re using Firefox or Chrome (that you need to receive our analysis of the coziest browser), you could gain 1Password X.

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