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How to view your notification history on Android


How to view your notification history on Android


If you’ve used Android for quite a while, you’ve probably mistakenly swiped away a notification or two for one reason or another. Maybe you’re lifting in a hurry like my colleague Dieter Bohn. Otherwise, by chance, you cleared the whole thing inside the notification drawer without that means, or maybe you are simply surprised where all of your notifications go and if there’s an ancient listing of them after you’ve brushed off them.

But don’t worry, as you can find the entirety of ignored messages, emails, app updates, and even system messages within the Inventory Notification Log option. You can also use Unnotification on any Android eight.Zero+ cellphone to convey lower back your ultimate dismissed notification. Both techniques are lifesavers if you’ve ignored an urgent message from work or your family and don’t realize which app you want to open first to find the neglected alert.

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Just consider that each Android telephone might not have the stock Notification Log. I’ve tested this shortcut on the Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel three, and Razer Phone 2 — all phones with stock or near-stock Android variations. Likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 didn’t have the log listed everywhere inside Android’s device settings. But there’s a workaround for this, as pointed out on Twitter by Artem Russakovskii from Android Police.

For phones that don’t have the default log (or if you need a more person-friendly enjoyment), you could also download Unnotification. The app brings back your final disregarded notification in addition to your notification records. You can locate the app on the Play Store.

Android is an open-sourced stack for cellular devices that includes the running system, key applications, and middleware. Android was started with the aid of Google in 2005 after they bought the initial developer of the software program, Android Inc. When Google first purchased Android in July of 2005, no awful lot was known about this small start-up company. In the enterprise at the time, it turned into just an enterprise that evolved software programs for cell gadgets, a much cry from what it’s miles presently.

In October of 2008, the primary Android-based total telephone in the marketplace was T-Mobile’s G1. This changed into a groundbreaking phone that set the benchmark for its predecessors. Unfortunately, this telephone isn’t always currently bought via the carrier. Phones to observe this consist of the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G in 2009, the Motorola Backflip in March 2010, and contemporary phones like the HTC Evo 4g.

On November 5, 20,07, many organizations, including Google, HTC, Motorola, Qualcomm, Intel, Sprint Nextel, T-mobile, and NVIDIA, banded together to shape the Open Handset Alliance. They introduced their intentions for open standards for cellular devices. In addition, they delivered their new product, Android, a cell tool platform built on a version of the Linux Kernel.

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In Q4 of 2010, it wwas mentioned that the Android operating system became the exceptional promoting cellphone platform available on the market. Nokia’s Symbian has held that position for the final 10 years. The actual energy residence in the back of Android is the Android Market. In this marketplace, you’ll discover and get admission to over 150,000 apps. “Apps” are applications that permit extended capability for any given device that they are installed on. Many kinds of apps exist, from Facebook to GPS, banking apps, and recipe apps. Some apps let you cook dinner; others can help you dangle a photographed stage. Basic Google apps include Gmail, YouTube, Google Speaks, Google Calendar, Amazon MP3 Keep, and Twitter. These are created using a large network of builders working normally to make the market ever-expanding.

Android is persevering developing and enlarging it is held inside the cell device arena. With the strength of Google in the back of it, this platform may attain new heights in the future that we can best dream of nowadays. Keep your eye on the latest gadgets released with this Android platform. New devices are continually shooting up with this super platform, and new variations are rolling along as the platform continues to increase.

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