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7 Essential search engine optimization Browser Extensions & Plugins


7 Essential search engine optimization Browser Extensions & Plugins


The full-size majority of humans use browsers to access the web.

But most SEO specialists take it a step further and use those identical browsers to do lots more.

In truth, a number of the maximum vital gear in my arsenal are my browser and its extensions.

So, allow’s dive right in and notice what we will do with them. And the exceptional part is, they all are unfastened.

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1. Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is built on Chrome, so the whole thing available to you there is available in Ghost Browser… and more.

The largest cause I switched to Ghost Browser is for what they name “sessions.”

Essentially a session is a sparkling instance of Chrome that operates inside new windows or even tab(s).

In the image above, you’ll see there are 4 exceptional colored tabs, each with a unique site up.

Each of those colorations represents a consultation, and they’re impartial, which is why one in all of them isn’t logged in, one can be logged in, and some others are logged in from a distinctive place.

You can run multiple tabs for each consultation.

So, as an instance, I can be logged into one consultation as me to manage an AdWords marketing campaign; however, I also logged in through an exclusive account to get right of entry to the purchaser’s analytics and Search Console (wherein they aren’t controlled by way of the same account).

Similarly, each session may be used to log into extraordinary social debts, etc.

Ghost Browser additionally has Tasks. Essentially, you may shop sets of tabs with their login nation as an assignment and now not have to log inside and outside or open all the one-of-a-kind tab units you, in all likelihood, frequently do each time you want to get right of entry to them.

The unfastened version supports 3 periods at a time – so even it’s miles 3 times better than what you’re likely currently running with.

There is a seasoned model. I found it well worth the funding based totally on my utilization. You could not.

Either manner, after using the free model for a chunk, you’ll surprise how you ever survived without it.

Note: I also mentioned Ghost Browser in my article on non-search engine optimization tools for SEO.

2. Chrome Developer Tools

There is surely no manner I could cover all of the functions, functions, and uses of Chrome Developer Tools in this newsletter.

The tool is built into Chrome and is accessed thru Chrome Menu > More equipment > Developer equipment.

Easily the maximum common obligations I use it for is finding the code, determining the dimensions of elements, and troubleshooting them.

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As illustrated within the picture above, the device allows you to hover over and pick out an element on a given website. It’s going to show its code and (in this situation) the computed output characteristics.

You may even alter the code right inside the Developer Tools to peer how it would render previous adjustments to the live website. You can do that on the desktop website or set it to render the page as it might on many popular mobile gadgets.

This isn’t the maximum superior of its capability, including various speed, protection, and troubleshooting talents ranging from producing waterfalls of useful resource load times to indicating which sources are slowing down the web page load.

The gain to all this vs. A number of the other online tools you may use?

The effects are actually global.

That is, you’re seeing how your browser in your connection is impacted by using the assets being loaded.

Read the device’s web page and discover. There’s a ton in there.

When you understand what data you have access to, you’ll recognize where to look when you want solutions to related questions.

3. SEO Quake

search engine optimization Quake is a tradition among the extensions and plugins utilized by search engine marketing professionals – and for the appropriate motive.

Essentially, search engine optimization Quake gives rapid entry to an array of information that we all need.

An easy click to pull in the metrics will list one-way links facts, cache dates, indexing facts, and more on any given web page.

With a pair more clicks, you advantage get admission to the internal and external backlinks data, keyword density records (if you’re interested in that), and a ton of records regarding Schema usage, heading tags, meta, and more.

Search engine optimization Quake isn’t always a substitute for website audit and analysis gear. However, it offers a fantastic brief image of a page’s information.


Perfect when you need just some constrained info or are on a phone name and need to drag up some center metrics.
This is extremely useful while growing new websites – particularly whilst that website online is constructed using much less predictable technologies.

Essentially User-Agent Switcher is exactly what it feels like:

a smooth to set up the plugin that switches the user agent data despatched, allowing you to view a site as a one-of-a-kind browser or bot.

I can’t matter the number of instances I’ve used to troubleshoot, move slowly, or discover differences in how Googlebot views a web page versus a browser.

Obviously, it could additionally be beneficial whilst figuring out how a site will load with special browsers or operating systems as nicely.

4. Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant is a very beneficial device, especially for people who use Google Tag Manager.

It also can be reachable when you clearly want to pick out troubles with analytics or other tracking codes (AdWords, and so forth.)

The icon for the extension modifications shade depending on whether problems are detected and observations of the issues when clicked.

Search Engine Journal receives a green light, as illustrated above, but warnings and mistakes are stated while duplicate or empty tags or tags are no longer configured nicely.

Tag Assistant additionally reports on duplicate or analytics code troubles.

It handily helps you record a consultation allowing you to navigate paths inside your site (or others) and then overview the recording to locate mistakes and issues.

It’s an invaluable troubleshooting device throughout an array of eventualities.

Here’s Google’s video outlining some of its middle features:

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