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Comparing 10 Tape Emulation Plugins


Comparing 10 Tape Emulation Plugins


Saturation is a critical device for accomplishing expert-stage sonics—certainly, whole careers were made by innovatively improving specific strategies and techniques to harmonic color.

Studer B sixty-seven Tape Recorder

Since the start of the present-day recording enterprise, the sounds of tape, tubes, and transistors being driven past their limits have been a fundamental part of the song emanating from your speakers. This harmonic distortion makes analog hardware sound so musical and fascinating to the ears.

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While many ways exist to add such harmonics to any sign chain, an analog tape device isn’t viable for artists making tunes today. Thankfully, numerous virtual plugins emulate analog saturation. Today, we’re highlighting tape saturation plugins—emulations of the specific type of saturation that occurs while the incoming audio sign has passed the limits of analog tape, creating a frequently appealing, subtle, and warm distortion effect.

Below, we will listen to how fixed tracks take on different characteristics as they may be run through 10 specific tape saturation plugins.

In the last 12 months, audio engineer and record producer Slade Templeton wrote: “How to Use Saturation to Bring Warmth to Your Mixes.” In that article, he details what sort of saturation works best for which use case and how to set up these special techniques immediately on your digital audio laptop.

Today, I pulled some multi-tracks from the latest assignment I produced for two Chicago artists, Brazill and Cheri Soul, for this decidedly more demonstrative tape saturation showdown. I processed the audio from the guitar, drums, vocals, keys/synths, and the master two-track mixes via 10 of my favored tape saturation plugins on Reverb. (Along this direction, I crafted custom Reverb Exclusive presets for every processor, which might be free of charge right here.) Listen to the character tool and master mixes here to begin:

Featuring groups from around the globe, the subsequent plugin producers all have an extraordinary take on what they wanted in a tape saturator tool—from the product layout concepts and virtual signal processing to the settings, interfaces, and more. Each one provides a special harmonic color and individual to the audio.

I’ve run the same tracks from Brazill and Cheri Soul through each of these plugins—test out the embedded playlists underneath to hear these processors in the movement Tape Emulation Plugin. We’ve got a logo-new release from one of my favored manufacturers, making specific, thoughtful processors, AudioThing. From Ireland, via manner of Italy, Carlo Castellano has evolved a beautiful line of character-driven sound layout gear. This new tape system emulation plugin, AudioThing Reels, isn’t an exception. A tape saturation and tape delay plugin, this factor recreates the precise sound of a customer-grade mini tape recorder.

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The AudioThing Type A Vintage Enhancer is a plugin inspired by the Dolby A-Type Model 361 tape encoder. The authentic unit was designed as a noise discount device for tape record-keeping and playback. This processor from AudioThing emulates the encoding stage, dynamically growing the top-give-up of a signal like a dynamic EQ without introducing artifacts or altering the harmonic content. Although no longer technically a right-away tape emulation, this plugin emulated the encoding saturation tone of positive tape recordings and was worth inclusion for this very familiar sound.

This Swedish organization, Softube, is constantly at the pinnacle in its recreation, and the Softube Tape plugin is right on course. The tape includes three unique tape gadget kinds in a single plugin. Type A is based on a traditional Swiss high-cease reel-to-reel machine, regarded and loved for its precision and linearity. Type B is a lot more colorful—it’s a transformer-based total machine, adding extra weight and cream to the low cease. Lastly, Type C primarily uses a British tape system with a wonderful vintage vibe.
A classic remakes any other traditional with this Eddie Kramer-advocated Waves plugin. The Waves Kramer Master Tape is modeled on an unprecedented antique 1/4″ reel-to-reel device in London’s famed Olympic Studios. With adjustable tape speed, bias, flux, wow and flutter, and noise parameters, the Kramer Master Tape presents complete control over the contours of your sound.

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