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Your Network Marketing Business Blog – five Good Reasons To Use WordPress


Your Network Marketing Business Blog – five Good Reasons To Use WordPress


If you are using blogging as one of your Network Marketing commercial enterprise strategies, I advise using WordPress.Org as the platform for your BBlog. A weblog is just another form of a website, except that it’s tons less difficult to create and update than an ‘everyday’ website. Creating an internet web page using WordPress is similar to writing an editorial in Word for Windows or another enhancing application. This article describes five reasons you should use WordPress.Org for your weblog.


Two principal types of structures for creating a blog are:

1) A “Server-Side Web-Based” software is completely controlled with your Web host’s aid and via YOU. Examples of these are WordPress.ORG, MovableType, TypePad, and others. It’s vital to have this blog form if you’re doing business on the internet because it becomes your asset and can not be taken away. In the assessment, the web-based packages can be taken far away from you and not be used cautiously, and you may never get it returned.

2) A “Web-based utility” controlled via the Internet website hosting community. Examples are Blogger, WordPress.COM, Wetpaint, Mindsay, and numerous others.

Following are Five Good Reasons to Use WordPress.Org

Reason Number 1: The Search Engines love WordPress blogs

With only a little know-how about key phrases and seo, getting listed on Google for your keywords is very smooth.

The great way to have Google indexed in your new WordPress weblog is to post your BBlog’s RSS feed to some search engines. Don’t worry about what an RSS feed is, in case you don’t know. You don’t want to recognize the whole lot manner; you simply need to remember what to do with it.

So, once you create your BBlog and your first blog post:

Type your BBlog URL within the Address Bar of your Web browser (ideally Firefox).
Once your BBlog is displayed, the proper wherein your URL is typed, and you must see a little orange field.
Click the orange box, and your web browser needs to open up the RSS feed of your weblog. The text displayed might also seem like gobbledegook, but don’t worry about that. The search engines can interpret what’s written for the RSS feed.
Copy that RSS Feed URL and Paste it into Notepad or your favorite Text Editor.
Now, go to Feedage.Com and Submit your Blog’s RSS Feed URL you simply copied into your Text Editor.
Now go to Feedagg.Com and Submit your Blog’s RSS Feed URL you simply copied into your Text Editor.
After submitting your feed as described above, Look in Google’s index the following day to see if your Blog is listed. To discover your BBlog on Google:

Go to the Google Search Engine at Google.Com
In the Search box, kind of the following:
Website online:yourblogurl.Com (update yourblogurl.Com with the URL of your weblog)

After clicking the Google Search button, your weblog URL needs to be indexed. This means that Google has listed your weblog. This method allows your weblog to be located somewhere inside the Google listings.

Reason Number 2: Using WordPress will save you lots of time

WordPress will save you plenty of time for the following motives:

1. It is virtually speedy and Easy to install. WordPress takes about 5 seconds to put in immediately, supplied you’re using a hosting corporation that allows you to do an instantaneous setup. Ensure you get an internet host with “CPanel” – if the web host has it, they will know it has CPanel on their Feature page.

2. It has a smooth-to-apply management interface, allowing you to find matters quickly and work extra effectively.

3. It’s effortless to improve. Most of the time, you can just click on the “upgrade button,” and WordPress will deploy the improvement automatically.

Four. It is outstandingly easy to maintain a song of feedback and mild, approve, and disapprove of them.

Five. There are packages that you could certainly “plugin” (with some clicks with your mouse) for your weblog. These applications are referred to as “plugins” and permit your BBlog to effortlessly do all varieties of other matters, which include backing up your database, making comments appearance distinctive, and allowing for social interactivity like “tweeting your posts” or “sharing a put up with Facebook.”

6. Save yourself a variety of time by using preventing junk mail. Use the plug-in Akismet and WP-junk mail free, and you won’t have any spam. (or very little, anyway).

7. And, every other big time-saver – you can write your posts earlier and agenda them for the next week. So… You may just log into your BBlog as soon as a week, set up your posts, then loosen up or move on holidays.

Reason Number 3: Search Engine Optimization is provided by WordPress

WordPress makes it VERY EASY to do Search Engine Optimization. Here are some easy guidelines for ensuring your blog content is optimized.

1. Find outBlogt keywords your target market is typing into the serps, then use those keywords in your Blog Post Title.

2. Make sure your Categories include key phrases, and select an applicable Category for each Post. Select only ONE category for each put-up. In any other case, you’ll get duplicate content.

3. Use a Custom shape on your Permanent Links. A Permanent link is a URL for a weblog put up. The Permanent link (“Permalink”) includes your blog call, the class, and the weblog submitting a title. For example, the URL should look something like this: your blog name/Category/Post title – However, if you do not choose a Custom structure for your permalinks, they may consist of numbers and meaningless phrases. This notably reduces the possibility of your submission performing inside the serps when people type in your keywords.

Change the shape of the Permalinks by the following:

1) From your weblog dashboard, choose “Settings” from the left-hand side menu.
2) Choose Permalinks, and pick the radio bullet “Custom Structure.”
three) In the container next to “Custom Structure,” the kind in /%category%/%postname%/

By typing the above custom structure, the Permanent Link (URL) for every one of your posts will consist of:

Your Blog name + Category Name + Title Name for the Post

Make sure you’ve got a Sitemap to your Blog. Use a plugiBlog to automatically create a sitemap. The following are 2 exact plugins:

– XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress
– Dagon Design Sitemap Generator

Use the ones 2 sitemaps together, and you will get a Google-friendly and User-friendly sitemap page.

I may want to add more search engine optimization recommendations for WordPress, but it’s sufficient for now.

Reason Number 4: Updating Your Web Pages to your Blog is Very Easy

Writing and replacing your content in your weblog with WordPress could be effortless. And you do not need to know any HTML. But, if you have owned an ordinary internet site (by way of that, I imply, “not a weblog”), you need to contact your webmaster every time you want it updated. Or, possibly, you did what I did and learned HTML. And, it might have taken you a long time to research the HTML and, in fact, make the internet page look great.

Once WordPress is set up, it’s easy to feature new posts and pages and replace them. It’s easy to feature pictures and motion pictures for your weblog posts and pages. If you have ever used Word for Windows (or something comparable), you can make a pleasant-looking publish on WordPress.

When you edit or write a new submission in WordPress, little buttons are displayed above wherein you type what you put up. To alternate your text to bold or coloration or something else, simply highlight the textual content, then click on whichever button is required. For example, if you want to format your heading, look in and spotlight the textual content you just typed, then click on the “pull-down arrow” wherein it says Paragraph.

Practice a little bit before you put up your submission. For example, there is a button you could click to “View you publish” earlier than publishing it.

Reason Number 5: It’s Easy and Simple to make your Blog appearance Great.

The WordPress developers have made it genuinely easy and easy to make your weblog look stunning. And, there are so many distinct approaches your Blog can see appeaBlogce. For example, something called a “Theme” or a “Template” is used to pretty up your Blog after you have backlog it up. You could pick from hundreds of issues; many are unfastened, and some are paid themes. The settled issues regularly have functions unavailable in the loose pieces. You may have an internet site built with WordPress, get the advantages of having it visible quickly through serps, and nobody will understand it’s been constructed using WordPress. However, if you’re new to blogs, I propose installing an unfastened subject yourself. It’s spotless and simple!


There are basically 3 approaches to get yourself a Theme (also referred to as Template) to make your weblog look fantastic:

Install it yourself from the Administration place of your weblog.
Download a Theme from somewhere on the Internet, then Upload it from the administration vicinity of your weblog.
Have someone else install and personalize your weblog for you.
How to Install the web blog yourself

There are 2 ways to do that – choose an unfastened topic from the administration area of your weblog or discover an unfastened or paid issue by looking through the subject matters available.

1. Select Theme from Admin place of WordPress

Once you’ve logged into your weblog, click on “Appearance” from the Left aspect menu and then on “Themes.” From the large Tabs on the pinnacle of your admin vicinity, make certain “Install Themes” is chosen. See where it says, “Feature Filter Find a topic primarily based on particular functions”?

Tick some of the little packing containers to have a selection of issues displayed so that they will be picked out. The fewer bits you pick, the extra picks you may have.

For example, I selected orange, and a pair of columns clicked on the “Find subject matters” button and got a pleasant selection. All you need to do now is click on set up to put in the theme you need. Easy Peasy!!

2. Download a Theme

The reliable WordPress.Org website has over 1,000 themes you may select from. Simply choose your theme and click the Download button. Then, if you shop it on your laptop, you will find it easily. After downloading the topic for your computer, upload it from the administration area of your Blog and click theBlogtton to install as defined below:

From the “Install Themes” location, click on the top to say “Upload.”
Click the “Choose File” button, select your File, and click the “Install Now” button.
I’ve given you a whole lot of motives for the use of WordPress.Org as your weblog platform. I accept that I’ve inspired you to apply this specific platform in your weblog so that you find installation, amendment, and writing blog posts simple and clean for your Network Marketing enterprise.

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