Women arrested for kidnapping and assaulting Dollar General employee

Spartanburg County deputies charged ladies after they say the duo attacked a Dollar General employee in October.

SCSO says Tammy Darlene Huitt and Tedra Nicole Peeler went to the store on Highway 146 North in Woodruff just before 10 p.M. On October 29. Deputies answered to calls in reference to an attack and battery, and that a worker advised police the women started out to assault the victim. A witness worker similarly alleges Peeler grabbed the witness worker by way of both wrists as Huitt picked up a bottle of lighter fluid and splashed it onto the sufferer.

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Huitt and Peeler then allegedly left the store in an older white pickup truck. The victim becomes taken to a nearby sanatorium for remedy. The different shop employee provided a written declaration.

SCSO says a shop manager showed police surveillance video and decided Peeler held down the opposite worker’s wrists to save you a 911 call.

Deputies say the video showed extra detail about the assault: while Peeler held down the opposite employee, Huitt went at the back of the registers to always assault the sufferer, putting her head and ribs. At one point, deputies say Huitt even used a belt on the counter to hit her. Huitt then allegedly poured the lighter fluid on the victim.

Based at the proof, deputies charged Huitt and Peeler every with two counts of kidnapping, one depends on attack and battery of an excessive and irritating nature, third assault and battery of a victim, and shoplifting. The kidnapping fee stems from the allegation that the 2 averted the sufferer and the witness from calling for an assist.

In the enterprise, the Equity Theory of worker motivation describes the connection among how fairly a worker perceives he is handled and how tough he’s prompted to paintings. Peter Drucker, an author who specialized in economics, first proposed the hyperlink among Equity Theory and worker motivation.

The fundamental concept in the back of the Equity Theory is that employees, in an attempt to stability what they installed to their jobs and what they get from them, will unconsciously assign values to each of his various contributions.

In addition to their time, employees make contributions their experience, their qualifications, and their functionality in addition to their non-public strengths together with acumen and ambition. Money, of a path, is the number one motivating final results for a worker, however, it isn’t the simplest, and in some cases no longer even the maximum important, component. Power and standing are also high motivators, as are flexibility, perquisites, and variety.

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According to the Equity Theory, the most surprisingly influenced employee is the one who perceives his rewards are identical to his contributions. If he feels that he’s working and being rewarded at approximately the identical fee as his peers, then he’ll decide that he’s being dealt with pretty.

This doesn’t suggest that each supervisor must deal with every employee identically because each worker does now not measure his contributions within the identical way. For example, flexible working hours may inspire a working mother even greater than a pay increase. Conversely, even though a throughout-the-board wage boom may additionally satisfaction most personnel, the best producers can also turn out to be less inspired in the event that they understand that they’re not being rewarded for their ambition. Research on Equity Theory and employee motivation has shown that, in standard, over-rewarded personnel will produce extra and of a better quality than will beneath-rewarded, less influenced personnel.

Businesses certainly gain from having referral programs for their customers. However, companies frequently do not take benefit of the advantages that an employee referral program can bring. Having a worker of an enterprise refer you to them may be a unique revel in for a few human beings.

In standard, we expect employees of any employer to realize the ‘actual deal’ on the goods or services being provided. Does the corporation use reasonably-priced, unreliable substances? Are the pasta in this ‘exceptional eating place’ frozen? When a worker of a corporation recommends their company, we generally tend to believe that their interior know-how displays that their agency’s services need to indeed, be brilliant and well worth our attention.

All-Inclusive Employee Referral Program

Including all the maximum crucial factors of an employee, a referral is vital from the begin. While it is as much as each person business how they will organize and file points, marks, credit or their preferred machine of rewards into their records, it’s far crucial to creating a program that rewards personnel for all sorts of referrals they’ll carry in.

Employee-to-Employee Referrals

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Allow personnel to gain rewards for referring different personnel into the fold. Many businesses will offer a comfort sector for their employee-to-worker referrals by way of requiring the newly employed employee to put in a particular amount of hours earlier than the referring worker gets a reward.

Employee to Consumer Referrals

Always provide your employees with immediate rewards when someone they refer makes a purchase. Whether you choose to permit them to benefit from future or non-stop buying is as much as you. Most groups can discover a method of reward with a purpose to now not negatively have an effect on their bottom line. Allowing employees to earn extra holiday time for bringing in a long-term purchaser may be an extremely driving thing for plenty.

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