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Windows 10 April 2019 Update release date & new features

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Windows 10 April 2019 Update release date & new features


By now, you’ve, in all likelihood, got the October update on all of your PCs and laptops which run Windows 10, but what’s coming next. Here we round up all of the latest facts on Microsoft’s functions in addition to refinements and improvements to the interface.

Windows 10 19H1 release date
Although we’re calling it the April 2019 Update, that’s now not. It’s a legit call. The present-day codename is 19H1, in place of the expected Redstone 6, but it’s no mystery that Microsoft’s roadmap is for two times every year updates to Windows 10.

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Recent history tells us that these manifest in April and October, so it is extensively anticipated that the subsequent replacement could be rolled out in April 2019.

Windows 10 19H1 new features
Development continues to be inside the early ranges, but you may already attempt a number of the new features. For example, all you want to do is join the Windows Insider Program and select the ‘Fast Ring’ instead of ‘Slow ring.’

Naturally, you gained’t need to run these beta variations of Windows 10 on a laptop you rely upon since insects are commonplace and it’s far supposed handiest for checking out, no longer trendy use.

Anyhow, right here are the main new features you can anticipate from 19H1.

Windows Sets
Sets changed into expected within the October 2018 update. However, they changed into delayed due to the fact – placed clearly – it wasn’t ready.

Sets give you a brand new way to group apps that you need to preserve collectively. It works similar to the tabs in an internet browser, as you can see in the video underneath. For more, check out our guide to Windows Sets.
As we’ve seen with the next Windows updates, the Settings app is slowly, however virtually adding the extra advanced alternatives which previously have been available handiest inside the Control Panel.

In the 19H1 replace, there are superior network settings, such as the capacity to set static IP addresses and DNS server settings.

More pre-loaded Windows apps may be uninstalled via Settings, including Calendar, Groove Music, Films & TV, Paint 3-d, and others.

Although SwiftKey is already in Windows 10, more languages could be brought within the 19H1 replace which include:

English (Canada) – en-CA
English (India) – en-IN
French (Canada) – fr-CA
French (Belgium) – fr-BE
French (Switzerland) – fr-CH
Portuguese (Portugal) – pt-PT
German (Switzerland) – de-CH
Spanish (United States) – es-US
This isn’t a benefit reserved for the on-screen keyboard as tips could be provided in this kind of language in case you’re the use of a physical keyboard too.

Snip & Sketch

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This app is new in the October 2018 Update, but it’ll be progressed. There’s a complete settings page now, and you could even make Snip & Sketch open while you hit the PrtScr key.

You can add borders to snips, and it’s additionally a lot less complicated to print way to a new Print option at the toolbar.

Runtime Error 482 generally suggests while you try to print a file in Windows. The error is resulting from the “Print form” factor of Visual Basic.

As a rule of thumb, “runtime” errors are commonly the end result of troubles within the “Visual Basic” library or its adjoining packages. The mistakes are the main cause of either an inconsistency in the code (referencing variables that don’t exist) or having problems referencing precise libraries.

Whether you’re actively using “Visual Basic” or no longer is ordinarily irrelevant, it is probably the case that one in each of your programs uses it – subsequently, the mistake.

To solve the trouble, there are some of the steps you may need paintings via, although many people emerge as resorting to “workarounds” so that you can save it from showing. Therefore, the steps mentioned in this tutorial need to give you the potential to remedy it entirely.


The errors will normally show with the following messages:

“Run-time error ‘482’: Printer Error”
“Run-time mistakes ‘486’: Can’t print shape image to this type of printer.”
“Printer Error”
The maximum critical factor to recognize the mistake is caused by what’s called a “library” in computing. A library is essentially a chunk of code that allows a developer to access precise capability without rewriting the code for it.
Libraries had been used for the reason that earliest day of computing. However, with modern computers, 1,000’s libraries may be hired immediately to offer very high degree functionality to various packages. “PrintForm” is one such library.

It’s commonly the case that your machine will not have the “Print form” library hooked up (it’s ancient), main the error to show. It will also be the case that your printer, or its related drivers, maybe broken.



The steps to resolve the trouble are as follows:

Remove Any PrintForm References in VBA
If you see this error as a result of using a “Visual Basic” powered software (together with VBA), you will want to make sure that you do away with any references to the PrintForm thing. The first-rate way to do this is to update it with the Win32 API, an updated version of the printing library in Visual Basic. If you do that nicely, it must assist you in getting printing working along with your programs at the likes of Windows 10.

Update Printer Drivers
If you aren’t using Visual Basic / VBA, you may want to ensure that your printer drivers are completely updated and accurate. The pleasant way to do this is to fully “uninstall” the printer from your machine and let Windows Update find the right drivers (contrary to preceding versions of Windows, the trendy Windows Update is sincerely superb & effective). To try this, definitely press Windows+S keys for your keyboard, type “Device Manager,” and choose the primary choice that appears. When in Device Manager, pick the printer you’re having trouble with, right-click, and click on “Uninstall.” After uninstalling, restart your PC. It should routinely upload the printer once more – installing the ultra-modern drivers – if powerful.

Clean Out System Files With SFC
If the above does not work, it *may want to* be a hassle with the core system documents of your computer. To restore this, you could use an in-constructed mechanism to solve it (SFC // System File Checker). To do that, press Windows+S keys on your keyboard and type “CMD.” When the options display, proper-click on the primary and choose “Run as Administrator.” This will convey up the black/white CMD window. Into it, type “SFC /scan now”. This will scan your machine’s files and fasten any broken ones.

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