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What is Translation Management System & Why You Should Be Using It


What is Translation Management System & Why You Should Be Using It


Companies must reach global customers more efficiently in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. In addition, businesses that operate beyond geographical boundaries must communicate with clients and partners in their own language. However, it becomes difficult to translate, review, and publish business content in different languages with mounting pressure and deadline requirements. Companies need a tool to automate their translation processes and manage various file versions.

What is a Translation Management System (and why you need one) - Business Business Business

Organizations looking to improve their translation process increasingly use a Translation Management System (TMS). You can streamline business operations and improve sales by using technology to automate your localization process. Moreover, it ensures effective and intuitive communication by providing a dedicated web portal for your customers and vendors.

What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

Translation Management is automating the Translation to avoid repetitive and laborious manual tasks. As a result, it offers improved efficiency and better collaboration. A Translation Management System (TMS) is software for automating the language translation. Translators and business managers use this software to automate all repeatable and manual work. Translation management software is continuously evolving to adjust to the changing demands of the translation market. It manages the flow of global content through the localization process. The system includes Translation, linguistic data sharing, and reusable content application.

Companies with international clients and vendors have teams in several countries. TMS can help integrate separate customers, content systems, and language assets for such organizations, so all teams work side-by-side.

Now, if you’re wondering whether or not to invest in a Translation Management System (TMS), here are the top 3 reasons why you should use translation management software.

1. Workflow Management

Manual operations are prone to errors and duplications. However, with the help of TMS, managers and translators can reduce the chances of repetition by organizing files. TMS can automatically sort workflow files and documents for translation tasks. This helps speed things up and facilitates communication between the different team members.

2. CMS Integration

Companies using a content management system (CMS) to publish a website or similar content can benefit from TMS. The content management system, Drupal, Hybris, Magenta, or Adobe Experience Manager, can connect with a TMS for Translation. When you implement TMS, it can automatically grab new content from your CMS to provide localized content for your multilingual audience.

3. Centralize Translation

TMS can translate and add terminology and dictionaries to ensure consistency and accuracy across the enterprise if you need bilingual glossaries. This software can translate content from different information systems such as the web content management tool, product information databases, technical manuals, and Word documents. All the translated content can become a part of your project and will be available on a single platform. It keeps all the translated content in one place to avoid duplication. Translation management systems maintain the memories centrally, which makes it more efficient than offline computer-assisted translation tools.

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