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Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Arrives in US


Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Arrives in US


A dissident Vietnamese blogger imprisoned for defaming the USA’s Communist authorities celebrates her first day of freedom on U.S. Soil.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh became surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, own family participants, and newshounds when she arrived early Thursday morning at George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, followed by her younger kids and mom.

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Quynh became reunited along with her two kids on the flight from Vietnam. She advised VOA, “Although I became prepared to meet my own family, I became shocked while my son and daughter hugged me on the plane. We have been watching for more than years for this.”

She said Vietnamese officers had prevented her from contacting her son and daughter until the next minute.
“The reunion sends a message to the ones who’ve imprisoned me that I am now not alone, and the voice of freedom is never lost.”

Quynh, who blogged under the pseudonym “Mother Mushroom,” wrote extensively about human rights and commercial pollution earlier. Then, she was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Her release on Wednesday coincided with a go-to Vietnam through U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
The State Department stated Wednesday that Quynh had “absolutely said” she desired to go to the USA if she were launched from prison.

She told journalists rapidly after arriving in Houston that she chose to return to the United States because “no one cares more about human rights” than the United States. Her plight acquired global interest in the final 12 months while receiving an International Women of Courage Award in absentia. The award was offered by using the U.S. First female, Melania Trump. Quynh is one of the dozens of bloggers and activists arrested, seeing that 2016 was part of the Vietnamese government’s crackdown on dissent over the past two years.

The State Department entreated Vietnam to “without delay and unconditionally release all prisoners of moral sense and permit all Vietnamese residents to express their political opinions without the worry of retribution.” Human rights company Amnesty International welcomed the information of Quynh’s release. Nicholas Bequelin, Amnesty’s nearby director for East and South East Asia,

said the discharge “ought to also be a reminder of Vietnam’s worsening record of jailing anyone who criticizes the regime … over one hundred people are languishing in jail due to the fact they peacefully spoke their thoughts – in public, on blogs, or on Facebook.”

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