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Sony Delays PlayStation 3


Sony Delays PlayStation 3


As an end result of problems associated with the mass manufacturing of a key thing of its Blu-ray DVD participant, Sony (SNE) will put off the European launch of its subsequent-technology online game console, the PlayStation three (PS3). As a result, Sony can even lessen the number of PS3 units at once in each of the U.S. And Japan.

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In the U.S., the PS3 will launch on November 17th, with about four hundred,000 consoles to be had for sale. The U.S. Launch will come nearly every week after the Japanese launch to encompass merely 100,000 devices.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the successor to the PlayStation 2, the sector’s most popular (and as current as for July, the world’s first-rate promoting) online game console.

The Number That Really Matters

The fact that there’ll simplest be four hundred,000 PS3 devices to be had for sale within the United States on November seventeenth is absolutely unimportant. The launch date itself is unimportant. What matters is how many units might be available for sale in mid to past due December.



Sony claims it’s going to have 1 million to at least one.2 million consoles to be had for sale with the aid of December 31st. I suppose it’s secure to anticipate they do not plan to have many arrive between December 26th and December thirty first. So, permit’s anticipate there could be at least one million PS3 consoles available for sale in the U.S. By Christmas.

Will that be sufficient to position a PlayStation inside the living room of each household that wants one?

No. There will nearly virtually be many human beings who’ve to head without a PS3 for Christmas, regardless of being willing to pay the very excessive rate Sony is looking for. But, it’s nothing new. Other consoles (inclusive of the Xbox 360) had been released without a good enough variety of gadgets without delay available on the market.

This isn’t like failing to get enough Glad trash luggage on store cabinets. Once the console has launched, constrained availability shouldn’t cause many people to exchange their planned purchase. If they want it and it’s out, they will look forward to it.

A postpone is a good deal worse than an insignificant scarcity. There’s a promise (and a tangible product) at the back of a console that has already been released. So, very few people in the U.S. Or Japan who deliberate to buy a PS3 are likely to change their minds due to a Christmas scarcity – irrespective of how excessive.

The Things That Really Matter

The achievement of any gaming platform is essentially based on five factors:

Available Titles

Relative Launch Date


Predecessor’s Installed Base


Of these 5, the era is, via some distance, the least important thing. However, the four most crucial factors (available titles, relative launch date, fee, and predecessor’s mounting base) are tough to split. Clearly, having a predecessor with a big hooked-up base (such as the PS2) may be particularly useful if you get exceptional marks in the different three regions (titles, release date, and rate).

Predecessor’s Installed Base

The PlayStation 3 dominates with having a predecessor with a large setup base. So, how does it rating in the other three regions?

In terms of available titles, the PS3 scores and any of its competition, if not higher. However, none of the 3 consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii) does thoroughly in this regard. Unfortunately, the titles are probably to be really segregated by using a console. There can be nice video games on each gadget; however, almost no person will purchase all three. Simply positioned, there can be a few video games special to each console that a whole lot of people would, in reality, love to play – but cannot.

Also, there is the threat that both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 will be visible because of the more adult and much less informal consoles. Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony have Nintendo guilty for this – however, it allows positioned that problem apart for now.

Relative Launch Date

Returning to the list of things that determine a console’s achievement, allow’s keep in mind the launch date issue. Sony sincerely has a piece of a hassle in Europe, as it could have one much less Christmas season than both the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Nevertheless, some analysts suppose Sony will lose no various hundred thousand console sales to substitutions. If this is genuine, lost revenue might be in the masses of hundreds of thousands instead of the billions.

The high income of the Xbox in Europe at some point in the Christmas season might be a very terrible indication for Sony. The blended price of an Xbox and a PS3 is prohibitively luxurious. Furthermore, the 2 consoles are a long way extra, much like each, aside from their’re to the Wii. As an end result, at the same time as some European Wii income might be recoverable with the aid of Sony at a later date, because individuals will choose to shop for the Wii first and the PS3 later, only a few Xbox 360 income would be recoverable. Essentially, each Xbox sold in Europe this Christmas is a PS3 to never be born.

Three Separate Markets

The U.S., Japan, and Europe are certainly 3 very extraordinary markets. So it’s pretty feasible you could have a console that is very a hit in one marketplace and yet unable to get any actual momentum in any other.

Before this postpone, I felt strongly that Europe turned into the market wherein the PS3 should come closest to duplicating the performance of the PS2 in phrases of market proportion. So there’s a long-term chance that Microsoft will benefit from market share in the U.S., And Nintendo will advantage marketplace proportion in both the U.S. And Japan.

Obviously, Europe is not as nicely described a market as both the U.S. Or Japan. So, it is tons more difficult to predict how a certain kind of console or a sure kind of sport will move over there. But, on the other hand, the U.S. And Japan are very genuinely defined game markets because they have very honestly defined consumer cultures in popular and enjoyment cultures mainly.

So, what does the PS3 postpone mean for Sony’s destiny in Europe? It’s hard to say. I’m more interested in seeing what the mounting base of every subsequent era console will appear to be in the American and Japanese markets after Christmas 2007, whilst we’ll have the primary actual chance to expect how this round of the console wars will play out.

Of path, there are a few predictions that seem quite safe even now. For instance, it seems secure to say Sony will lose the global marketplace percentage. Simply put, the PS3 might not be capable of reproducing the marketplace share dominance of the PS2.

So, maximum in all likelihood, we speak approximately Sony’s PS3 falling someplace north of catastrophic failure and south of market percentage profits. Although I assume each of these situations is extremely not likely, catastrophic failure is more likely, truly because improving upon the PS2’s market percentage seems a near impossibility is given a lot tougher competition this time around.

Is there a real risk that the PS3 would possibly emerge as being a catastrophic failure? I do not suppose so, definitely due to the quantity of PS2 structures still obtainable. Price mixed with stable competition on both Sony’s flanks is the best thing that would motivate any such failure. If the price prevents the huge reputation of the system, 1/3 celebration writer support might be trouble down the road. Nintendo doesn’t need a whole lot of third-celebration assist. Sony does.

Although I do think Sony is doing extreme harm to its PlayStation line utilizing insisting upon along with Blu-ray and charging a ludicrous price, I do not assume any quantity of managerial ineptitude is possible to reason the catastrophic failure of a successor to any such dominant console because of the PS2.


If the fee is not the elephant in the room, it has to be. Most of the articles I study approximately these days announced PS3 put off / production scale-down failed to say a good deal approximately the pricing of the PS3. That’s a mistake – especially because numerous articles mentioned the computer battery do not forget, which has not anything to do with the PS3 and little or no to do with Sony (it has the whole thing to do with lithium-ion batteries regardless of their manufacturer).

The PS3’s fee is a large trouble. One would have manifested itself in bad Christmas income if the number of gadgets available for sale had approached the predicted call. For now, Sony is making plans on having so few units available within the U.S. With the aid of Christmas that the launch will go well, although the PS3 is ultimately a failure. Sony claims it’s going to have 6 million devices via the cease of its monetary 12 months. A few analysts are skeptical. However, Sony is sticking to that line.

In the weeks beforehand, expect Sony to make a massive deal about the fact that it’ll simply make extra PS3 devices to be had via the quiet of December than the number of Xbox 360s Microsoft had made to be had through the identical time the year earlier than. It’s a valid factor. But, it omits two key pieces of information. First, the PS3 is launching after the Xbox 360, and there are greater PS2 proprietors out there who will need to change up for the brand new gadget.

Since the PS3 is launching after the Xbox 360, no one is waiting around to look at what the alternative will appear like. They already recognize what the Xbox 360 is, what it can do, and what (several) the games to be had for it are. As quickly because the PS3 launches, the comparisons can start. That wasn’t feasible when the Xbox 360 was released, and each person knew the PS3 changed into on its way.

The 2d motive behind the demand for Xbox 360s at launch and the demand for PS3s at release is true that there are extra PS2s obtainable. As a result, Sony having as many devices to be had with the aid of Christmas as Microsoft had the 12 months before would be a lot like Gillette having as many new razors to be had as Schick had produced the year before. The distinction in marketplace proportion obliterates any possible evaluation.

So, even though I suppose the PS3 is some distance too pricey going into the Christmas season, I’m pretty sure that fact might not be glaring in the sales numbers because there can be an intense PS3 shortage for the duration of 2006. So even if the PlayStation 3 is simply too high-priced, it will look like it’s promoting well because there virtually may not be sufficient of them produced in 2006.

Why am I so convinced the PS3 is priced too excessive?

The PS3 is too highly priced to be a Christmas gift. Around Christmas, loads of those consoles are sold by mother and father as gifts for his or her children. Parents are willing to payloads for them because they’re a large one-time item for the child (and the dad and mom had been listening to about it given that properly before the release). But, the expenses likely to be charged in 2006 for the PS3 are virtually past what mother and father are inclined to spend.PlayStation 3

It’s not a difficulty of ways tons consumers must spend versus the price they’re getting. It’s a problem of being psychologically unprepared for paying this type of price for any present.

It may be a rate older gamers are willing to pay to get a PS3 for themselves. But, it is now not a price dad and mom will be inclined to spend on their kids.

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