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PUBG Mobile gets festive with Diwali outfit


PUBG Mobile gets festive with Diwali outfit


Tencent Games rolled out a first-rate update for PUBG Mobile in advance this week. PUBG Mobile zero.Nine.0 brings a new Halloween makeover to the game together with ‘Night Mode’ and more. The popular smartphone recreation additionally has a Diwali surprise for players in India.

PUBG Mobile has a “Diwali Dhamaka Offer” for players in its brand new update. This consists of a unique Diwali percent which jas a kurta pajama set and a conventional coupon, a good way to provide you with the corresponding crate for free. Players can snatch this offer at 499 UC after a 55% discount. This provision is valid most effective till November 2.

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Other than this, PUBG Mobile additionally has a couple of Diwali activities. There are three Diwali events in general. The first event titled “Diwali: Stayin’ Alive” has four survival demanding situations. This spans from surviving in Classic Duo matches for a duration of 15 mins, half-hour, 90 mins, and two hundred minutes.

“Diwali: Lonewolf” calls for players to finish 1 match in the top 5 or 10 and a pair of matches in the top 1 or five. Coins and crates may be gained for this fulfillment in Classic Solo fits. The “Diwali: Terminator” occasion will deliver gamers 300 coins for killing 10 gamers and seven hundred for 20 enemies killed. Players can also win a crate for killing 30 players and a soldier’s crate for killing forty enemies.

The new Diwali outfit and events are bundled with PUBG Mobile 0.9.Zero updates. This new update is available for customers to download thru Play Store and App Store. With the ultra-modern zero.9.0 replace, PUBG Mobile receives a ‘Night Mode’ in Orange map, the new weapon, a Sanuk map vehicle, and improvements to ammo.

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