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8 Ways Your Nonprofit Could Raise At Least One Million Dollars

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8 Ways Your Nonprofit Could Raise At Least One Million Dollars


Well, just ask Katie Meyler of the More Than Me Foundation. Her basis turned into simply being awarded ONE MILLION DOLLARS as the Chase American Giving Awards winner. And it all happened online. As a nonprofit, you exist because there’s a cause you’re enthusiastic about. But how long can you go selling that motive if people do not know you are there? What is desirable is championing that cause in case you aren’t connecting together with your present and potential donors? How do your goal beneficiaries realize that you care?


Put pretty really, each nonprofit employer needs a stable internet presence at this point in time. With over 1.5 million nonprofit agencies registered within the United States by myself, how does your stand out? By having a dynamic web presence supported via first-class content and social media marketing, your organization can stand out of the gang right now to draw the attention and investment it desires.

Why do you watch all the most important global agencies of the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and so forth? Have a strong online presence with interactive websites stuffed with articles, tweets, blogs, special reports, etc? Because as massive as they are, they consider that they need to stay active with the tendencies.


So if well-known and nicely mounted corporations like the ones noted above see the significance of keeping an active net presence and put money into getting the right men and women to control their online presence, don’t you realize it’s time to rethink your approach and bring web presence up your precedence listing? Having a web presence isn’t always just searching top online with fancy net pics. For a nonprofit, properly-crafted web content method, the distinction between survival and failure.

A focused online presence helps even the smallest charity get heard above the noise of all the different causes. Good content material extends a nonprofit’s attain to tens of millions of Internet customers globally. So, under are eight reasons why each nonprofit MUST jump on the opportunity to rent a web creator. It is a funding you cannot have enough money not to make. ­­­


The simplest way for a nonprofit to get attention is by having an excellent online presence filled with valuable content and records. The amazing part is that it turns out to be cheaper than constantly printing and mailing informational letters.

A professional net writer will construct a clear message throughout your nonprofit’s internet site. These messages,t which could be in the form of blog posts, tweets, emailed articles, videos, and unique reviews, must be written in a clear, concise, and steady voice.

Using nothing but online publicity, the More Than Me Foundation currently receives a million.00 prize from the Chase American Giving Awards.

Public Education

All nonprofits face the massive project of speaking their message to the public. Potential supporters want to recognize why you exist. What’s your Mission? What are your funding standards? How are your beneficiaries selected? What are your plans for sustainability?

A properly-written internet site helps your nonprofit efficiently train the general public regarding goals. It also allows you to speak at once to distinctive companies of fans, from donors to volunteers to other nonprofits. You can best get this sort of intentional writing from a Professional Web writer who has taken the time to research the art of online writing.

To train the general public well, the capability to write to extraordinary audiences is important. A professional web author will study unique desires and questions and then devote a full website.


I do not want to remind you that fundraising is the lifeblood of any nonprofit. It is likewise easier to raise the price range over the iInternet But with that ease comes the task of getting a reputable internet site that explains for your donors exactly what you wish to do with the cash and whilst and wherein it will be finished. For donors to continue to give 12 months after 12 months, they want to see reports of how the money they have provided has been used. In addition to a full economic document, they want to look at well-documented fulfillment tales, they need pix, and they need to be updated frequently on how their cash is making an effect. Again, that is where a professional web creator is available.

You need a creator who can write web content that convinces a potential donor that a nonprofit is decent and that all online transactions are comfy. This kind of author, an expert net author, can play a necessary role in the donation series.

Volunteer Recruitment

Exceptional volunteers at any nonprofit cause actively comply with the nonprofit’s activities. Usually, these are identical to those who donate. Building email lists has ended up being the simplest way for nonprofits to talk with donors and reach out in times of need. An expert web creator will employ services including the lead era, auto responders, and e-newsletters. A nonprofit that is in it for the long haul ought to ensure they have a team of people they could call with just one electronic mail. Change Agents Network is one nonprofit appropriate for calling on volunteers.

Timely Information Delivery

The ability to give live updates boosts attendance, mainly if a nonprofit is collaborating in any type of deadline-driven contest or stay occasion. The trick is that you need to be in the business of giving updated facts earlier than the competition. Remember the More Than Me Foundation; this became their leadership approach. They applied the power of strategic social media.

You need a nicely crafted social media strategy. An expert net creator can set up a social media profile in your nonprofit and help you build a devoted community following. Trust me; you may achieve big rewards from dedicated supporters.



There was little time to waste when the current Super Hurricane Sandy hit. Many charities stepped up to volunteer guides and offerings, at the same time as at the same time needing help from their donors to attain their dreams. Thanks to properly crafted messages via social media apps, supporters were mobilized in file time.

A professional net writer will craft posts for an organization that set off movement and mobilizes supporters; s/he will offer a key talent in getting the word out quickly when important. Timely motion signals can also be emailed with a nicely written and clean name-to-motion.


As a Nonprofit running in the US, you want to hold up with legal, political, medical, or different associated traits, particularly in showing donors how they incorporate new findings into your Mission. You must generate unique reviews, white papers, and case research, which require viable research abilities.

Sometimes foundations change their funding guidelines or have quietly associated with other styles of packages that have not truly been recognized tbythe majority; however, by way of having the offerings of a professional who is aware of the way to dig and discover any statistics, you may be sure now not to overlook out on any feasible possibility from which you can benefit.

Cause Marketing

Advertising and marketing quickly turn into the single-handiest manner for a nonprofit to live to tell the tale and thrive in the market. It’s a way for nonprofits to enroll in forces with the advertising muscle (and budget) of for-profit businesses, and it often means greater exposure and large profits for the nonprofit.

Competition for attention from clients and capability donors is intense. As a result, nonprofits are continuously in want of a manner to stand out. Partnering with an employer is a unique and public way to do this.

Through a purpose advertising partnership among Home Depot, a primary US Building Material Shop, and Habitat for Humanity a nonprofit that builds homes for the deprived, domestic,ic Depot donates lots of volunteer hours, money and materials, and preserve to accomplish that.

How could you want your nonprofit to set up a partnership with a first-rate employer?

If your motive is promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), how much advantage might a partnership with a Silicon Valley tech organization carry to you?

If your case is ready to protect the environment, how would you like to be back via a chief energy or mining organization?

The possibilities are endless with purpose advertising, and it’s best ato have a professional creator who has taken the time to apprehend how it works, which can promote such relationships and convey hundreds of thousands of untapped dollars. By now, you’ve seen the significance of operating with a professional net creator. I inspire you to take the following step and phone me, Dan Maxwell, Jr. As an expert author, I helped the Monrovia City Corporation get $5,000,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates basis. A small nonprofit I started partnered with the National Oil Company of Liberia to sell nonviolence all through the time leading up to the 2011 Liberian Elections.

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