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Messenger Lite launches on iOS


Messenger Lite launches on iOS


A few days ago, Facebook quietly added a “Lite” model of its Facebook app for iOS gadgets, however simplest in a single market, Turkey. The app has been previously to be had handiest on Android. Today, the organization is following healthy with a release of Messenger Lite on iOS, again simply in Turkey.

The release was first spotted through app intelligence company Sensor Tower.



Like the Facebook Lite iOS release, Messenger Lite for iOS additionally touts a far smaller download size than the regular version, which nowadays clocks in at a whopping 140MB.

Instead, Messenger Lite on iOS is most effective 10MB in length, the App Store description notes. That’s definitely a bit bigger than Facebook Lite for iOS, which came in at beneath 5MB; we need to be aware.

The new app additionally claims to apply much less mobile statistics than Messenger, right, and installs speedy and runs correctly.

Like Messenger, the chat app can be used with people or agencies to send text messages, images, films, or hyperlinks. However, in keeping with remarks from early users, the Lite version doesn’t display whilst contacts are online via a “popularity” dot on their profile or in a menu.

This is a comparable function set to Facebook Lite on Android, supporting voice and video calls.

While the app as a substitute has only been launched in Turkey, for the time being, it’s available in numerous different languages, which may be a hint of markets to return.

As the app is simply getting off the ground, it’s simplest ranked at No. Ninety-nine for Social Networking on iPhone, and No. 26 on iPad as of the time of writing.

Facebook showed the release to TechCrunch in electronic mail.

“When we first rolled out FB Lite and Messenger Lite as standalone apps, our aim was to supply the electricity of a local app, with as some of the identical capabilities as feasible while still being lightweight,” a spokesperson said. “Up until now, FB Lite and Messenger Lite have handiest been to be had on Android. Now we’re trying out these revel in on iOS. We’re devoted to connecting human beings with the matters they care about – irrespective of their connection, tool, or in which they stay.”

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