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India Mobile Congress Telecom tools makers to invest Rs forty bn


India Mobile Congress Telecom tools makers to invest Rs forty bn


Telecom tool makers have invested over Rs forty billion in the India Mobile Congress, Communications Minister Manoj Sinha said Saturday.

“We were watching for a funding of Rs 2,000 crore, but businesses have devoted an investment of over Rs 4,000 crore for our discussions at the India Mobile Congress,” Sinha told newshounds.

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The minister stated fundamental investment commitments have come from Ericsson, Samsung, Sterlite Tech, Cisco, Nokia, and Intel.

“The National Digital Communications Policy has just been introduced, and these are the first set of investments flowing in,” Sinha stated.

He said discussions and announcements at the IMC display India is prepared for the rising 5G services. The 5G era could facilitate gadget-to-system communications and has multiple usage.

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