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How To Take Care of Your Blog – And Your Bloggers


How To Take Care of Your Blog – And Your Bloggers


If you want a good blog, you want to have proper writers.

Good writers have to create valuable, beneficial, and extraordinary content.

Valuable – The content shared provides the reader’s know-how via showing old troubles in a new light or giving a brand new perspective to addressing a not-unusual problem or persistent concern — all with the closing purpose of helping the reader himself.

Useful – The advice or strategies shared inside the article are immediately applicable and will deliver positive consequences while put into practice.

Distinctive – This can check the writer’s fashion — a different voice that can’t be mistaken for everyone else. Check out James Altucher’s articles on Altucher Confidential or the recipes shared on Thug Kitchen. ‘Distinctive’ is likewise typically taken to intend no cookie-cutter re-branded articles, thinly disguised search engine marketing optimization, or click-bait (articles provided in this sort of way as to get clicks from fascinated viewers, but don’t supply on their implied promises.)

Creating quality content material takes time, willpower, and serious brain energy. The brainpower won’t be within the same field as calculating deep math or (insert technological know-how right here) evaluation, but it still is involved in trouble-fixing. That’s what top content points to — how people can help themselves. That’s the way you get content material built around certain thoughts, like:


We recognize you’ve got those not-unusual troubles; doing this could help.
How are you able to improve X with Y.
Here are X approaches you can use to cope with Y.
Here, Z uses traditional methods to make X work harder for you.
For any centered online business, there’s a spot marketplace. There are sets of, without difficulty, identifiable troubles for every niche market for which you, marketer and enterprise proprietor, have tailor-made your business to address. Think of it as a higher degree of FAQs, where you offer the solutions for your market’s maximum pressing questions: How can I do THIS? How can I resolve this? How can YOU assist me to do both?

Once you find them, good writers should be cared for, too. Writing, in a nutshell, is mind-powered and may cause intellectual fatigue and burnout for bloggers. Here are some tips to help prevent that from occurring.

Depending on the dimensions of your online enterprise, a small institution of writers can sincerely reduce the chance of intellectual exhaustion and help foster your writing team into weblog personalities. Check out LifeHacker’s writing group and evaluate their numbers with the latest articles per day on the website. Lifehacker is one of the top 25 most examined blogs globally, and their whole team is a baker’s dozen. They also have visitor bloggers, polls, ask-the-reader posts, ask-the-expert interviews, and cross-posts with their co-blogs, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Jalopnik, Gawker, etc.

A team of bloggers may be composed of SMEs (Subject-matter Experts), and their unique hobbies may be used to fit into sub-niches for your blog, allowing your blog to present a wealthy and varied set of articles. Like the sub-sections in a magazine or newspaper, you may have something for all and sundry in your area of interest. Letting your SMEs explore, and percentage their know-how in their subjects also maintains regularity regarding shared information and continuity.

“A little something for all of us… ” especially the time-crunched, is prime. In phrases of length, readers recognize an article that may not require too much scroll-down. Post limits additionally assist writers in being extra concise and focused on getting their core message through. (Think of Twitter: you’ll waste a hundred and forty characters if you ramble.) In this line of the notion, a 500-word restriction or thereabouts is first-class.

Polls and ask-the-readers are awesome for soliciting comments and inspiring engagement among commenters and readers. Long-shape posts are fantastic, while the content material and shipping deserve the length.
Of path, there are different essential factors to remember:

Blog design and platforms

A clean and expert layout for your weblog might not leap out at site visitors and potential followers; however, it makes the overall effect tons greater, even subconsciously. In addition, tying the appearance of your weblog to the design of your primary enterprise website can also help unify the relationship between your business and the weblog and encourage readers to look at what is new.

Budget troubles

If your finances allow it, the offerings of an expert can attend to the small info and tweaks that make a site attractive, accessible, and clean to discover. There are also low-cost and no-value templates from famous running blog structures like Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad. These platforms had been designed to make matters easy-peasy for novice and found-out bloggers alike, and it’s your need to determine which one will offer the nice health in terms of budget (there also are paid debts), capabilities, and ease of use. Personalization and customization are simple and may come afterward.

Team and content calendar

Your writing team wishes for a centralized calendar to expose who’s working on what and what posts are within the queue. In contrast, posts are intended to stay, what relevant occasions are arising (so we can write about them), and what enterprise-associated circumstances, promotions, or information is in the works. This continues the crew privy to the workflow and adjusts; for this reason, they need to do whatever comes up.

Brainstorming is throwing things accessible to peers if the thoughts are viable and interesting. Once the good ones are diagnosed, it is time to fit them into the schedule after assigning a writer the task of constructing an excellent article across the seed of the idea in time for submission (first drafts), modifying and corrections, filing the very last reproduction (for assessment employing Legal if it’s part of the system) and then publishing the content.

The small matters that keep this production engine running include appreciation and settlement: informing people of how much time is needed to produce content while it needs to be in for review and replica-editing, the development on closing dates, and revision time, among others. Keeping human beings knowledgeable allows the system to run smoothly.


Other small information addresses the time necessities for process components: sourcing pictures and checking their creative licenses, for example. Making and transcribing interviews, growing pix (which may also involve your art department, if you’re huge enough to have one)… Having an in-depth system map displaying the glide of the entire technique, from brainstorming to publishing.

You can pick out any lags or bottlenecks within the workflow and cope with them fast. The primary purpose is to provide fresh, engaging, and applicable content to interest your reader. Paying close attention to your internal content material creation, enhancement, and manufacturing process will ensure you achieve this continuously and keep your writers and readers happy.

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