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Ex-oil worker hopes to compete in global pole dancing contest

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Ex-oil worker hopes to compete in global pole dancing contest


A former oil worker has set his attractions on a global pole dancing identity.

Theo Robertson of Aberdeen changed into a fluid analyst professional. However, he was made redundant during the oil enterprise downturn.

Since focusing on athletic pole dancing, he has won a countrywide opposition.

He is now at a dance college named Mr. Pole Fitness UK and is seeking to compete in the global championships in Ireland for the next 12 months.
Theo instructed BBC Scotland: “I figured I can also as nicely try and do something I experience until I get another job. I never, in reality, anticipated sharing it this much.

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”I did pole for two years before I was made redundant.

“There weren’t many men, even for the duration of the United Kingdom, who did pole dancing.

“Because the pole is a lot of extra mainstream, the responses are loads more wonderful than they were once.”

‘Strength and grace’

He said many humans now see the “strength and the grace in the back of it.”

After being named Mr. Pole Fitness UK in October, he has set his attractions on the sector championships.

He stated, “I do not know if I’ll win, but it is not what I aim for now.

“One of my desires in view that I started out pole became simply to even compete on the sector degree.

“Getting to do that could be a huge achievement for me.”

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