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Does Your Business Have a WordPress Website?


Does Your Business Have a WordPress Website?


So as small business proprietors do you have got a WordPress Website?

How are you going to get extra commercial enterprise?

There are over 1.Nine million small companies throughout Australia – lots of these organizations are suffering to live on. Small commercial enterprise understands it’s getting extra steeply-priced and more difficult to get in the front of latest possibilities. You’re looking at better approaches to discover and qualify your target market. You’re searching for practical methods to reach new customers.

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My clients tell me constantly:

“they’re conscious they want to have the website and get located on a Google search, they just haven’t any concept, how to gain this.”
You possibly fall into this boat too.WordPress

It’s tough for Small Business to stand out in a crowd because the huge boys are throwing bucket loads of cash on Fancy Billboards and TV advertising. They’re simply making noise.

“Use of the net is excessive amongst Australians and, importantly, among clients. Small enterprise owners are missing precious possibilities to apply the internet to promote their business and construct their client base,” Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB.

Businesses are seeking out answers to dwindling profits and sales.

If you don’t have a website, then take a look at these stats

As of 27 Jan 2010, the populace of Australia reach 22, a hundred thirty,470, in step with Australian Bureau of Statistics Website.Abs.Gov.Au
In 2007 there was 1 Small enterprise for every 10 humans in Australia, approximately 1.Ninety-three million active small agencies (1,927,590) in Australia, representing 96 in line with cent of all companies (2,011,770)
ABS Counts of Australian Businesses, Including Entries and Exits, June 2003 to June 2007 – 8165.0, Table 13 p 18.



Do you have got Website?
Do you have Website?
Australian use the internet so Small commercial enterprise needs to have a website

* At the quiet of June 2009, there were eight.Four million energetic internet subscribers in Australia.
* Digital subscriber line (DSL) accounted for fifty-seven% (4.2 million) of these connections, which reduced from 63% considering December 2008 when DSL represented sixty-three% of on dial-up access connections.
* This is especially due to a boom of Mobile wireless subscribers from 20% of all known dial-up connections (1.3 million) in December 2008 to 27% (2 million) in June 2009. That’s a boom of fifty-one% over the six-month period.

ABS8153.0 – Internet Activity, Australia, Jun 2009

Small business and the use of the Internet

Ninety-seven% of SME’s owned a computer of a few description as compared with medium Business this sits at 98% Small Business proprietors have embodied the idea of being portable with sixty-three %of SMEs now proudly owning a notebook computer – Sensis® e-Business Report -The Online Experience of Small and Medium Enterprises 2009
95% small and medium agencies are related to the internet, a boom of one% from the closing year. 96% of SME have broadband internet connection
ninety-seven% of SME use the net, to communicate with customers, clients, and suppliers, with ninety-two% used to search for records on services and products after which 91% the usage of for studies
Results from the MYOB Australian Small Business Survey, 31 Mar 2009,

“Use of the internet is excessive amongst Australians and, importantly, among purchasers. Small commercial enterprise owners are lacking precious possibilities to apply the internet to sell their enterprise and build their client base,” Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB.

“The internet is an essential statistics and communique platform, a critical tool for small businesses, in particular now with the present day economic turbulence,” maintains Mr. Reed.


The MYOB survey observed only 39% of small enterprise had an internet site and of that most effective 30 % had been capable of promoting in line (on line buying or e-Commerce facility)
Only forty-four% of Small enterprise had registered a Domain Name, as of March 2009, with fifty-two% don’t even have domain call registered
As of 30 June 2008, 36% of Australian corporations have an internet presence, this consists of businesses with a website, home page or presence on another entity’s internet site.Abs.Gov.Au/ausstats/abs.
The larger the company the better the chance of getting an internet presence – an employer with over 2 hundred employers ninety-six% chance of getting an internet presence in comparison best 27% for agencies using zero-4 humans [1] Sensis® e-Business Report -The Online Experience of Small and Medium Enterprises 2009
Businesses using 0-four folks incorporate just underneath thirds of the populace and have an extraordinarily low incidence of net presence.
These information display why companies who do not spend money on a web presence will be left behind

If those figures assist you to look the possibilities of having the web a presence, then it is time to take action.

What are your Website alternatives

You ought to construct a website yourself (Do you have got the time or know-how to examine HTML and how to add documents to the server, probably now not or you would have a domain)
If you have got a geek as a chum, then they might build you a website, They normally have masses of fancy code,(but are not very sensible for advertising and marketing functions)
Get an internet fashion designer to build you a site. You need to recognize your cause and what you’re looking to achieve ( the trouble with those web sites, is whenever you need to update them, you want to have the competencies to update them or pay the internet dressmaker, this is why maximum Websites have stale content)
Use a CMS Content Management System, like WordPress, or Joomla which take a chunk attempt to installation, however, it’s as smooth to replace your content, all you do is create a record in Word, then reduce and paste and click post. Google loves CMS because they have sparkling content.
Most small organizations don’t have the talents to build a website and those that do warfare to have their internet site show up in the Google search. Building a website the easy component, the trick is getting the website located on a Google Search.Business

If you ask most enterprise. “Are they glad for a number of site visitors their website generates?” and “Do they realize how this site visitors convert?” Most commercial enterprise owners need more site visitors and haven’t any clue if it produces any greater enterprise

If you trying to get a web presence and no longer positive the way to move about, then Cashflow Copywriting & Marketing might be satisfied to guide you through the manner.

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