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Child bride refugees spur Sweden to tighten marriage law


Child bride refugees spur Sweden to tighten marriage law


Among the tens of lots of baby refugees who have fled to Sweden from conflict-torn nations is a collection of younger girls who have provided the Nordic USA with a first-rate dilemma – they may be married.

The predicament is this. Should the use of accepting such unions, even though they could be illegal under Swedish regulation and could disclose women to lifelong abuse? Or have to separate couples, potentially compounding their trauma and isolation?

It is a conundrum that has also vexed Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands, re-testing their laws and rules since the European refugee crisis commenced in 2015. Sweden bans marriage under 18. But overseas underage marriages are recognized as criminal inside the international locations where they have been done. That is set to trade. Sweden will invalidate all underage marriages under a law predicted to come into pressure in January. If the couple wants to live collectively, they may remarry when both reach 18.

Sweden may become latest country to annul child marriages

Rights activists are thrilled.

“We listen approximately those instances all the time,” stated Sara Mohammad, founding the father of GAPF, a business enterprise that campaigns in opposition to “honor” related abuse, including baby marriage.

“We want to protect these ladies, and we want Sweden to show the arena that baby marriage isn’t always OK.

The debate in Sweden comes as worldwide leaders are pushing to cease baby marriage by using 2030.

Advocacy group Girls Not Brides says 12 million women under 18 marry every 12 months globally, depriving them of schooling and increasing their threat of domestic and sexual violence.

Mohammad arrived in Sweden in 1993, having fled Iraq, where her brother attempted to shoot her with a Kalashnikov after she ran away from her baby marriage on her wedding ceremony day. “If Sweden indicates that those marriages aren’t allowed, maximum girls in compelled marriages will not pick out to go again to their husbands,” she informed the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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“The government must show these girls that it will shield them.”


Sweden was one of the most beneficiant countries during Europe’s migrant disaster. Some four hundred,000 humans have sought asylum there since 2012.

But there are no complete records on how many married children are among the arrivals. 2016 Sweden’s Migration Agency identified 132 married youngsters and 129 women. Most got here from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Mohammad stated the real wide variety changed into “plenty bigger.”

Tina Trygg, an expert on the problem at Sweden’s governmental National Board of Health and Welfare, which presents guidance to social services, said there had been likely more cases as young married women who arrive with their mother and father may work undetected.

Steps to tighten the law in Sweden observe similar actions in Germany, which has taken in more than 1.6 million asylum seekers, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, in 2014.

Germany pronounced in 2016 that almost 1,500 foreign kids living in the United States of America have been listed as “married” in their office work.

In the last 12 months, it outlawed all marriages and engagements under 18.


The Swedish government has faced many problems in understanding how to guide married women, with social workers complaining of a lack of steerage, consistent with an investigation through the National Board of Health and Welfare.

Trygg stated that most women had youngsters, which intended social services needed to balance the welfare of the younger mom, who is probably better off separated from her spouse, against her children’s conflict regarding being with both parents.


One legit quote in the board’s file additionally highlighted the threat of subjecting a female to trauma if she is “taken in opposition to her will when she has simply arrived in Sweden and what she notion became a secure haven.”

In many cases, Trygg stated, women requested to stay with their husbands. Still, social people regularly discovered it tough to evaluate whether the women had simply expressed their own will.

The board has produced a fact sheet on infant marriage for brand-spanking new arrivals.

This states that sex with a toddler beneath 15 is a crime, even supposing the kid is married, and that non-consensual sex – even within marriage – is rape. Any married person can divorce even if their partner is antagonistic.

But baby marriage is nothing new in Sweden.

Zinat Pirzadeh, a school careers counselor in Stockholm, said Swedish girls from ethnic minority backgrounds vanished every 12 months to be married off of their mother and father’s domestic, international locations.

Pirzadeh, who suffered years of violence after she became married at sixteen in her local Iran, said politicians and officers have been regularly too scared to speak out for fear of being branded racist or Islamaphobic. But she said turning a blind eye became itself racist because it supposed youngsters have been not being similarly protected regardless of their heritage.

“It’s so wrong that we even use the period ‘toddler marriage,'” she said. “Children get raped in that form of marriage. It’s child abuse.”

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