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Blocking All Distractions To Manage Your Time Wisely


Blocking All Distractions To Manage Your Time Wisely


The Difficulty Of Managing Your Time Effectively

It can sometimes be very demanding to manage your time nowadays. It feels as though there are just so many things to be done in so little time; the 24 hours that we have been allotted every day just does not seem to be enough! How can we as individuals manage our time effectively without sacrificing the commitments that we have and the things that we love to do? How can we prioritize our time when we have a large family and give them the time they need and deserve? There are so many things that could be forfeited when managing our schedule. Therefore, it is essential to develop an efficient and effective strategy.

5 essential time management techniques

How To Start Your Day Right

From the morning we wake up, we must first have a strategy. We would have either planned the day the night prior or planned it first thing in the morning, depending on when we woke up and how much time we had. It is important to have a diary, journal, or agenda handy at all times to take note of our schedule for the day and see what can be omitted or added. Try at all costs to avoid touching your cell phone first thing in the morning. Indeed, your alarm is actually on your cell phone.

Therefore, you have no choice but to connect your cell phone to switch off your alarm but resist the tendency to verify your WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram status. This means you are waking up with a mindset of responding to your messages when you wake up with an attitude to meditate, do some deep breathing, do yoga, or even exercise before starting your day. It is not easy to resist temptation, but it is good practice for all. Once you get ready and have dressed up, take some time to eat before leaving the house. Your breakfast is essential to your meal, so try to have a little something before leaving.

How To Be Efficient At Work

With a long day ahead of you in front of the computer, do not forget your blue-blocker sunglasses. They will be handy for hours sitting in front of your computer screen. You may play the radio or listen to meditation music or speech; it is up to you. When you get to work, it is also important to plan your workday. Do not just go with the flow; otherwise, you risk wasting your day away. Take the time to go through your physical (not in your head) schedule and tick off every task that you accomplish one at a time. You will see that you were very productive by the end of the day and successfully completed all the studies on your list. Once again, keep all distractions to a minimum. This would include your cell phone, social media, browsing through the internet, and more. Try at all costs to keep all of those distractions to a minimum.

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