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Thoughts About the Beauty of Aging


Thoughts About the Beauty of Aging


Blurbs and thoughts about Beauty, from Lady Blah Blah!

As the world turns and we become old and wiser, we’re squeezing from the bottom of the tube and squirting out the ultimate bits of truth.

Women, I do understand the fear of growing older. Time appears to change beauty and vibrancy for the inescapable sagging, spotting, and wrinkling of your body’s shell. Eyes, mouth, jowls, and necks on women are assaulted, unkindly hair starts to thin, age spots seem uncontrollably out of nowhere, and inexplicably age suitable clothing and behaviors shift from attractive to proper.


Most start to lose hair, pores and skin start to exchange, and erections emerge as hard to preserve. Aging is merciless, and in maximum cases, it can be punishing. If you have got money, sure, you could make a few age-delaying changes which can work for some, but the fact is for most males and females, you just portray the proverbial turd. In my late twenties, I became obsessed with Angela Lansbury.

I consider telling people that I cannot wait to age, and I want to be much like Angela Lansbury from Murder She Wrote. I significantly desired that, and to some extent, I still do. I need to be common as I age and develop with time. I do not need to just pretend that by some means, I get to break out levels of age and attempt to oddly pickle myself in preservatives. I in no way made the mad sprint for canopy-united states and,

nonetheless, experience that folks who are truly fooling themselves into an unsustainable fake experience of peace. When it comes to elaborate tries to prevent the getting old technique, it draws tons extra attention to the desperation that is tethered to look. When did we trade dignity for the gruesome? Trade actual comfort for a magazine’s portrait of beauty and stuff our fit uncomfortably into a couple of shoes that grip our feet and hurts our ft and the reason our minds jump into the substantial abyss. Actually paying an excessive charge for self-torture.


Women, it isn’t the cruelty of time that you are combating with. It is the inscrutability of your war with the societal characteristics of splendor. I virtually believe if you exchange that self-hate and forestall fretting and giving credence to the adjustments of the look due to age, and sincerely undertake a brand new mindset of inner peace and quietness and recognition of reality over fiction, you can stay out the relaxation of a while on earth fortunately and harmoniously because it unfolds.

Spend your lots on a weekend holiday to the Islands, invest that cash in exploring the transcendental beauty of your mind, and embody what you have got and the wealth of knowledge and revel in you have accrued through the years.

I’ve seen the chaotic devastation to the human body is looking to beat the race to the quit with the façade of eternal beauty. It can not be located in pores and skin cream, a hair weave, a brand new skirt, or heels. That peace and that dignity you crave can handiest come to you from inside you. Accepting yourself for who and what you are. Love yourselves, stop staring into the replicate and stop fooling yourself into believing that your reflection should by no means change.

Trade that session with your makeup and mirrors for books and meditation and spend money on self-love. Give a while, cash, and energy to actual reasons that can assist change the sector rather than giving your cash, credit cards, and faith to opportunistic claims supplying you sizeable beauty and exchange that for everlasting inner peace.

Control the ones wheels that spin to your head and your terror of turning into old and forestall, just forestall, have a look at your son or your daughter and placed your electricity into your love for them. Get out of the mall; Jimmy Choo isn’t always a beauty or youngsters guardianship. He’s getting wealthy even as you add to the world’s debt and distortion of splendor for shoes that might be supposed to alternate your emotions approximately yourself. I’ve heard women say that a brand new pair of footwear could make the experience so much higher. So does a line of cocaine – however, like cocaine, that kind of self-gratification isn’t sustainable, and eventually, you may need increasingly for an unreachable Nirvana.

Unsustainable stimulation is empty. Starting to your very own film of ‘Am I beautiful.’

Do you, in reality, envy that woman who walks down the street perfectly dressed and primed? Do you truly agree that her lifestyle is essentially any better because of the appearance of her shell? You are wrong if you do. Her existence is likely like every drug addict’s life, unfulfilling, and he or she is likely continually out on the hunt for that next razor-chopped line. Heal yourself from your-your insane greed for youth and cross back to remembering what virtually makes you smile. The delight of supporting other participants of the human race, which can be stumbling,

possibly they’re falling to allow you the opportunity and delight of catching them. Invest that point and wasted energy into poetry or writing a journal or memoir that can be existence changing to someone a hundred years from now. I’ve by no means heard of lifestyles being saved through a $three hundred pair of fashion designer shoes. On the contrary, the definition of splendor has been exponentially distorted.


Is there a community middle in your neighborhood? Can you alternate a small ride for a donation of a while at a soup kitchen, a Boys and Girls club, or a safe haven? Yea, it’s far difficult to change your mindset. Yea, it is easier to just mindlessly go to a mall and spend your money, but in what is your brain at the same time as you’re dancing via leather bags, footwear, and dressmaker dresses? Go to a mall and look around you. People out purchasing are in self-induced trances. They become money-wasting zombies, and they are actually killing mind cells with

each purchase. I do want to be like Jessica Fletcher. She had natural dignity, beauty, and grace. She lived a life involved with thriller and intrigue, now not seeking to defy the vomit of rage that incorporates age. She didn’t cover her enjoyment with time by attempting to find the internal fountain of teenagers. Restorative powers of age-defying merchandise are legendary. You may as properly drive down the interstate

and shake out your pockets out onto the pavement. Then, when you attain your vacation spot, you will have nothing to do with your experience of completed pleasure. It is an unsatisfying sad, and pathetic addiction to outline your bodily splendor with self-esteem. Reach for an e-book, hug yourself with love and reputation and forestall residing relentlessly on what you do now not have. Think approximately what a selfish waste of time that is. Living from one self-brought about the disaster to another self-prompted disaster is so corrosive.

Life can be nourishing without drama and chaos.

You are brutally and willingly hurting others and becoming a monster of excuses and self-obsessed destruction.

Stop watching existence through a peep hollow and start to live it. Release that indignant grip you’ve got on hate and frustration and battle with age. Give yourself over to actual love and attractiveness.

I’m talking to myself here. I do have changes to make as someone and achievements I want for myself. However, I realize that striving for the things I need begins inside, ending my personal internal struggles.

Stop embellishing no matter what you trust about lifestyles after demise; this is the most effective opportunity you definitively must live.

Jacklyn J. Dyer

Friend of animals everywhere. Problem solver. Falls down a lot. Hardcore social media advocate. Managed a small team training dolls with no outside help. Spent high school summers creating marketing channels for Elvis Presley in Minneapolis, MN. Prior to my current job I was donating wooden trains in Hanford, CA. Spent the 80's getting my feet wet with accordians in Jacksonville, FL. Spent the 80's writing about crayon art in Africa. Managed a small team getting to know inflatable dolls in Gainesville, FL.