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8 Best WordPress Scanners to Help Find Security Vulnerabilities


8 Best WordPress Scanners to Help Find Security Vulnerabilities


Do you have a WordPress website? Is it at ease enough?

It’s a mystery today that no internet site is one hundred percent cozy. It’s eIt’sfor clever cybercriminals to locate safety vulnerabilities; they hijack and misuse your WordPress internet site. Still, our enterprise must check our website for security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and reduce them as much as possible, making the internet site as easy as possible.

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So, which online Scanner is finely suited to do this process? Which Scanner can help you discover the security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that might result in your WordPress website being hacked and hijacked?

I’ve decided on the eight best WordPress website scanners to help you comfy your WordPress internet site. Here’sHere’sist:

1. HackerCombat WordPress Website Malware Scanner

HackerCombat Online WordPress Security Scanner allows you to look at vulnerabilities and checks utility protection, WordPress plugins, hosting environment, and internet server. The highlights are:

Checks WordPress plugins, which might be the supply of many protection vulnerabilities.
Checks WordPress topics, which too could motivate safety vulnerabilities.
Test all the user IDs on a WordPress website.
Google Safe browse tests for all related websites as links with poor recognition may pose grave threats to internet users.

2. Hacker Target WordPress Security Scan

The Hacker Target WordPress Check keeps you safe by checking for vulnerable plugins.

WordPress variations, etc. The highlights are:

Google safe browse exams.
Hosting provider popularity tests.
Checking connected JavaScripts.
Check for subject matter-based vulnerabilities totally.
Directory indexing checks.


This Scanner works with an in-depth database and assessments for various protection vulnerabilities.

The highlights are:

The database consists of more than 6100 acknowledged vulnerabilities.
Checks for WordPress model vulnerabilities and reviews if discovered.
Checks for plugin-based and theme-associated vulnerabilities.

4. Sucuri

Sucuri gives complete WordPress internet site security answers. The highlights are:

Provides give up-to-cease safety answers- tracking, easy-up, safety, etc.
Provides antivirus+ firewall security.
Checks for malware and blocklisting reputation.
Reviews for outdated technology used and errors.
Scans WordPress admin dashboard.

5. Security Ninja

This device works as a plugin and, therefore, does exams from within the admin of your WordPress internet site.

The highlights are:

One-click and its assessments for more than 50 metrics.
Gives a detailed document incorporating check calls, popularity, the results, and the fixes.
Takes very little time for the website experiment.
Check the WordPress model, database connectivity exposure, and so on.

6. Acunetix

A whole website scanner, perfect for checking WordPress websites properly. The highlights are:

Checks for XSS, SQLi, SSL, DOS, Header, SSRF, and XXE vulnerabilities.
Contains more than 1200 WordPress plugins for vulnerabilities.
Checks admin passwords, center files, wp-config—personal home page, etc.
Does consumer enumeration.
Gives a detailed report after the scan, with fixed pointers.

7. Quttera

This is once more a plugin that checks for acknowledged, unknown vulnerabilities and for all sorts of suspicious sports. The highlights are: Scans can be initiated from the admin dashboard of your WordPress internet site.
Check to see if your website URL is blocked.
Does external link detection.
Detail research of WordPress middle files.
Gives a detailed document after exams.

8. Exploit Scanner

Once more, a plugin may be installed inside your WordPress website, which appears for vulnerabilities. The highlights are:

Look for database and files-based vulnerabilities.
Check feedback for something suspicious.
Runs a completely brief experiment.
Doesn’t do or alternate something.

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As of the beginning of 2009, there have been about 133 Million blogs online. This is a huge marketplace and the ideal playground for unscrupulous individuals who stay for spamming, scamming, and simply developing malicious packages that can critically compromise and disable unsuspecting sites. As WordPress blog owners, we want to do everything viable to ensure that our sites are not compromised.

Here are 10 simple steps, tools, and guidelines to ensure that your weblog can withstand malicious attacks and no longer be overrun with junk mail.

1. Use Login Lockdown Plugin

Hackers can easily crack your password and other login credentials by using Brute Force Attacks (Click here for a definition). This plugin provides an extra safety function to WordPress by proscribing the charge at which failed logins may be re-tried from a given IP variety.

2. Delete Unused Plugins

Always ensure to delete unused plugins, as those can provide loopholes that can be exploited without difficulty.

3. Secure the /wp-admin/ Directory using. Htaccess

I discovered this on Google’ Secure your /wp-admin/ listing through a. Htaccess document to get admission to from particular IP addresses handiest. Create a brand new. Htaccess record, which you may place without delay in /wp-admin/.Htaccess.

This is what the. Htaccess document includes:

AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
AuthName “Acces” Control”
Auth” type Basic
order deny, allow
deny from all
# allowlist domestic IP address
permit from
# allowlist work IP cope with
permit from
allow from

Replace the with the IPs you would really like to allow. For example, this document says that the IP address (and the other IP addresses allowed) can enter/wp-admin/. However, all different IP addresses are denied admission. The ‘#’ tr’c’s are just notes and may be modified to fit your needs.

Other handy online WordPress internet site protection scanners include WP Loop, WP Neuron, Detectify, Pentest Tools, and many others. Look at the to-be-had alternatives and try some to locate the one that works first-class for you.

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