The Winter Haven Police Department is offering a few safety tips while placing a meeting region after shopping for or selling something on the internet.

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Winter Haven PD says to fulfill at regulation enforcement employer
They say the excellent region to satisfy is at a regulation enforcement organization.

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The Winter Haven Police Department lobby is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.M. To 5 p.M. If you propose on assembly a person there, police say you don’t need to let the branch know ahead of time — and when you arrive you may move in the lobby or stay inside the parking lot.

Police additionally warn that if a customer or dealer is hesitant to meet you at a regulation enforcement region then that must ship up red flags.

“With all of the net forums residents can select from to both sell or purchase gadgets, everybody has to be extraordinarily diligent when undertaking the transaction.” — Winter Haven Police Department.

Here are a few guidelines from officers to hold in thoughts:

1) If it sounds too proper to be actual, well it likely is. (That iPhone X being bought for $250 probably isn’t always official. Buyer watch out!)

2) Never agree to fulfill a client who wants you to visit a place you aren’t familiar with. (How bad do you really want to sell that item? Is it well worth the risk of going somewhere you don’t know? We venture to say NO!)

3) Always inform a member of the family or pal when and in which you propose to meet someone for the transaction. (Call them as you drive up and beat the telephone when you first encounter the other character. Give a short description together with the vehicle – simply in case.)

4) Beware whilst someone desires to “keep” the object you are selling for closer inspection. (If they do, nicely you already know the hazard you run.)

5) Meeting at night is never a very good concept. (If a person is unwilling to fulfill at some point of the day for the transaction, that has to send your “spidey experience” into


6) Consider taking someone with you to the transaction. (Two sets of eyes are better than one, proper?)

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7) Refer to our first bit of advice – handiest meet at a nearby regulation enforcement belongings. They usually are below video surveillance and there is constant interest. (If you cannot agree on that region, reconsider the transaction.)

“We need all residents to be clever and safe when making any transaction with a person they met at the internet. These are great approaches to get a good buy, however, safety should be first!”– Winter Haven Police Department.

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