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Tips on How to Become a Travel Blogger


Tips on How to Become a Travel Blogger


In a world saturated with many social media stars, it’s hard to face out and make a call for yourself on systems like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Budding photographer Witness took a risk on his goals by buying a DSLR camera and taking photographs of places he could visit for the duration of trips he could take across the globe. Almost two years later, Witness has collected over 700K followers and counting with his captivating pix that he shoots as he travels the arena!

How to become a travel blogger in 11 steps - Hostelworld

“I actually have constantly cherished taking images for this sort of long-term, however, had not taken it seriously up till pretty these days! I didn’t get my first DSLR digicam until about 18 months ago, however, have continually had a robust urge to journey the sector & revel in new cultures. Shortly after college, I took my first journey to Europe with my digital camera, and I become instantly addicted to pictures. I knew that there has been so much extra to look & I simply wanted to reveal human beings in the world via my perspective,” he shared with us.

“I found out the entirety I recognize from YouTube tutorials from popular photographers. I then took that expertise and placed my personal spin on it, getting as innovative as feasible to be able to stand out,” he persisted. “I found out that this need to be something I take seriously once my photos started getting reposted via huge images pages with followers ranging from 50k-12M & I started to advantage a few notoriety.”

Witnesses’ tale and success prove that you may be whatever you really want to be if you certainly work for it. So we needed to hazard to pick his mind for some tips on how we can develop our social media presence and maybe be the next huge factor.

I may be sharing with you 06 tour hints for solo lady tourists with this newsletter these days. So if you are a lady tourist who likes to head solo and has safety questions, then these hacks will genuinely help you out in keeping you safe.

Being a tour blogger, I continually get hold of emails from my girl readers regarding their protection while they’re visiting solo or even with a partner.

I guess we all have heard these lines:

Unfortunately, the global isn’t always a pleasant place.
This u. S. A. Is not secure
You may be a goal for locals
Well, screw that!
Yes, there are human beings who’ve bad intentions; however, trust me, the number could be very less.


I have traveled to many nations, and the locations that have been termed antagonistic are those wherein I have found the friendliest human beings.

Understand one factor, that there are sure situations which aren’t in our hands. So higher ignore it.

So with those 06 journey recommendations, I would try to help you retain safe on overseas lands.

So allow’s start.

Politeness: Politeness and a smiling face are some of the best things a vacationer like you may do. If you maintain a smiling face and continue to be well-mannered, maximum hard conditions may be tackled in any part of the world.
Saying No: Always hold in mind one component; if you odor something fishy, say ‘No.’ In most instances, your Gut emotions have a concept of what is coming in the front. For instance, if someone is trying to be buddy with you and does not experience it properly, just say ‘No’ in a well-mannered way.

Don’t Travel During Nights: Yes, every other factor you constantly preserve in your thoughts is visiting solo. If you visiting from point A to factor B, it’s miles always advised to cover the space throughout the morning.
Knowledge Of Scams: Before visiting any u. S. A. Whether it’s Britain, India, Malaysia, Russia, or every other u. S., You need to do your homework on various scams that different tourists face. Doing your homework is a must for everybody. So strive to do all your research. It will sincerely assist you in knowing what to do and now not do whilst dealing with the identical issue.
Appropriate Dressing: In some cultures, people opt for modest dressing whilst touring churches, mosques, temples, and other nonsecular locations. In addition, if you have tattoos, attempt masking them, as no longer everyone likes them. So usually attempt masking your body and no longer display your pores and skin in some nations.
Cab safety: Always attempt to hold your belongings with you in the lower back seat so that you could do it with no second idea if you want to jump out of the cab. Next, constantly maintain the variety of the cab with you, so that during any mishaps, you may proportion the range with police or you’re close to ones.

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