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Practical Mobile Marketing


Practical Mobile Marketing


This newsletter will describe powerful cellular advertising techniques you can implement in just a few minutes. We will investigate what the industry and the era permit us to do, how to influence people to join your provider, and which document codecs to use while you deliver your content material. We may also take a sneak peek at what will occur with cell advertising in the near destiny.

The hands-on experience is based on fixing advertising problems with the help of InfoNU (www.Infonu.Com). InfoNU is a loose internet-based, totally cellular mass communication platform that helps the modern traits in cell marketing. With InfoNU, you could:


Send SMS messages consisting of personalized signals and cell coupons
Push mobile content like banners, mp3 songs, ringtones, video clips, traveling cards, and Java games
Push hyperlinks to cellular websites
Create an agenda for mobile campaigns
Sign up and manage purchasers
Get your icon after coping with an ebook and calendar to post cell content without cost.

View information on how cellular advertising efforts are received by employing users. As in all sectors in explosive growth, vibrant humans gravitate closer to cell marketing, create begin-up businesses, offer solutions, and make a huge innovative mess full of definitions, standards, ideas, and solutions. This article collection is where the authors try to untangle the net of technology into smooth-to-use patterns you may use in your ordinary advertising and marketing of your logo, organization, products, and services. A 2d part of this newsletter is planned. In Part 2, we will look more in-depth at superior principles in cell advertising, like tailored cell applications and mobile network offerings.

Permission Marketing and What Mobile Marketing Is NOT

A cellular smartphone is an especially personal communique tool. Mobile advertising isn’t always approximately spamming fed-up human beings with beside-the-point SMS messages at 2:00 a.m. Marketers should respect this. Never send messages to someone without their permission. Sending unsolicited SMS messages to human beings isn’t precise marketing. Aside from the moral component of unsolicited mail, it does not include paintings and prices you a lot of cash. Do not do it.

Marketing sports that depend on the client’s permission are referred to as permission marketing and are primary to mobile marketing. Embrace permission advertising and marketing and shield your list of clients; it is the people who have given you permission to speak.


The Mobile Marketing Dance

Instead of sending unsolicited SMS messages, the trick in cell marketing is to influence people to sign up for your service. Your customers are knowledgeable and satisfied to find stability in imparting income using statistics and imparting fees.

How to Persuade People to Sign Up for Your Service

What can you offer that makes your consumers receive the industrial side of your employer? Here are some guidelines:

Promote the subsequent message by printing it on your packaged goods: Text COCA-COLA to +44 seventy-seven 86 202 988 (ordinary SMS price). The first one hundred people to text us will win an unfastened subscription to Coca-Cola magazine. After you have obtained a hundred replies, call up the winners and get their deal with them.
Promote the subsequent message on billboards, posters, banners, or signs around your metropolis: Text WHEATIES to +forty four 77 86 202 988 (normal SMS value) to get our new ringtone.
Promote the following message with an advert in your favorite newspaper: Text ABBA to +forty four seventy-seven 86 202 988 (everyday SMS value) to get our new music.
Promote the following message with an advert to your preferred newspaper: Text ROXETTE to +forty four seventy-seven 86 202 988 (ordinary SMS fee) to get our new video.
Promote the following textual content on your website: Do you need statistics about us for your cellular? Then, click on this hyperlink and input your touch information.
Promote the subsequent textual content for your TV classified ads: Text ARMANI to +forty four 77 86 202 988 (ordinary SMS price) and win a journey for 2 to Paris. The winner can be notified on the sixteenth of August.
Promote the subsequent textual content for your radio commercials: Text ATARI to +forty four seventy-seven 86 202 988 (everyday SMS fee) and get Pac-Man for your phone.
Promote the subsequent textual content on your TV advertisements: Text MCDONALDS to +44 seventy-seven 86 202 988 (regular SMS value) to assert your 10% bargain coupon.

In other words, Send something back as a Thank you for signing up. Give your new user something at no cost. Allow your new consumer to win something first-class. So, at least a thanks SMS. To configure InfoNU so that you mechanically ship something back when new purchasers sign up for your service, go browsing on your InfoNU account, pick Settings within the Intranet Home menu observed by using SMS Signup settings, click on Details on your code word and permit Respond mechanically with an SMS message. You can send back an SMS message, cellular content like pics, videos, and songs, a link to your cellular net website, or a Java utility. To combine your net website with InfoNU, as inside the 5th example above, select Help in the Intranet Home menu accompanied by Integrate InfoNU and click on Generate Link.

File Formats to Use while Distributing Mobile Content

Since virtually all cell telephones guide SMS messaging, sending SMS is the best and most reliable way to reach mobiles. SMS message areas we all recognize are confined to a hundred and sixty characters; however, they can contain hyperlinks to cellular content.

All mobile telephones no longer support identical media codecs. So if you don’t have any apriori understanding of your clients’ telephones but still want to reach the biggest possible target market, use the following file codecs:

Media, File Format, File Extension

Images, Portable community photos, .Png

Sound, MP3 songs, .Mp3

Video, 3GPP video 3gp

Ringtones Midi music. Mid

This list of file formats comes from analyzing cellular telephones produced by the most important manufacturers and rating the phones after how not unusual it is for every telephone to be in exercise.

Three different exciting file formats can be used for extra specialized obligations:

Media, File Format, File Extension

Visiting cards and coping with ebook entries, vCard.If

Calendar entries, vCard,.VCs

Java video games, Java application descriptor documents,.Jad

Distributing links to cellular content material with InfoNU is performed precisely identically, no matter the file format: You log on to your InfoNU account, pick out Uploads, and upload the content from your PC to your InfoNU account. To distribute the content material to a single character, click that character’s Communicate hyperlink. Make certain that Upload is chosen as the Type of Content.

If you want to send an SMS message to many people, create a campaign by clicking on Campaigns inside the Intranet Home menu observed through a new marketing campaign. With InfoNU, you could use additional timetable campaigns to be run at a specific date and time. Go to Campaigns and click on the Schedule marketing campaign to outline the beginning date of your campaign.

A Catalogue of Mobile Marketing Patterns

After your person signs up for your service, his/her cell cellphone transforms into a terrific verbal exchange channel. This phase lists verified marketing techniques on the way to reuse:

Task: Inform customers about new products, updates, offers, and relevant agency information.

Solution: Send an SMS message at a suitable time with the information.

Note: To understand when to ship your message, ask yourself: When are these statistics relevant to my cellular consumer? When will the news have the largest effect? If you’re promoting umbrellas, sending your message while your client is out of doors, your store on his manner home, and miles raining outdoors is probably a good idea. When is it not an awesome concept to ship a message? At night time? In the morning?

InfoNU helps to send personalized SMS messages. For example, using the tags FirstName, LastName, and Mobile for your SMS textual content, you could personalize the message with the recipient’s call and cellular telephone variety.


Task: Promote your rock company’s new album.

Solution: Promote the following message: Text THECHAINSAWS to +44 seventy-seven 86 202 988 (normal SMS value) to get our new song. Follow up by sending an SMS message to every person who signed up while your new album is released.

Note: Distributing video to cell phones is feasible today, but do not assume top excellent and do not anticipate shipping out more than 10 seconds. Advances in mobile streaming technologies will make longer video transmissions feasible in a few years.

To distribute music to cellular telephones, convert it to a report, log on to your InfoNU account, pick Uploads, and add your tune out of your PC to your InfoNU account. You can distribute the music both to a character or create a campaign to send content to massive organizations of fans.


Task: You have a nice jingle that you would really like to be diagnosed with within the metro.

Solution: Produce a ringtone and ship it to your customers for free.


Task: Increase income by distributing a mobile coupon to your clients.

Solution: Send out the following SMS message to your clients: Here is your coupon for the film. Show this message and get two tickets for the fee of 1. A43-K32-F83.

To create SMS coupons with InfoNU, use the Coupon tag to your SMS textual content. InfoNU will robotically create the coupon text for you. To view coupons and their proprietors, pick out Mobile Users and click on Mobile coupons.


Task: Get new customers by using viral advertising.

Solution: Create an SMS marketing campaign with the subsequent textual content: Welcome to Marty’s Bar. This is your VIP skip. Show this message and get a free beer. Feel free to ship this message to your friends.


Task: You must create an SMS publication delivered as soon as an afternoon.

Solution: Create numerous days of SMS campaigns along with your content. Schedule the campaigns so that one is run each week.

To schedule a campaign on a selected day, browse your InfoNU account, pick out Campaigns within the Intranet Home menu, and click on a Campaign timetable.



Task: You are having an event collectively with all your personnel and customers.

Solution: Send an invite as an SMS message one week before the occasion. Send an SMS message the day before to remind all people. Schedule SMS messages to be sent for the duration of the event to synchronize people. Finally, send out an occasion the day after the experience to mention thank you and comply.

But…Have we Invested in a WAP Site?

If your organization has a cell web website or a WAP website online, use SMS messaging to simply get the right of entry to your site. Send an SMS message with a link to your site. To go to your website, your purchaser certainly opens the SMS message and does not input your URL deal with at the mobile cellphone:

Task: Promote your cellular net website online and make it easier to enter.

Solution: Add the subsequent text on your internet site: Mobile Access At All Times. Get our news on your mobile. Text REUTERS to +44 77 86 202 988 (everyday SMS price). Send returned an SMS message that incorporates a hyperlink on your mobile internet site. Your clients can get entry to your site by beginning your SMS message instead of entering the URL address on the handset.

To distribute a hyperlink to your cell internet or WAP page, create a text record incorporating the URL on your site (i.e. E, the text http://wap.Sl.Se), shop the file with a.Lnk file extension, and adds the. Link the report to your InfoNU account. To routinely ship back the hyperlink, select Configure Settings, SMS Signup settings so that humans acquire your.Lnk piece as a reaction after they sign on for your service.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Handset manufacturers are now finding it difficult to unify the consumers enjoyment of cellular phones. This will make Java applications and mobile web pages look identical regardless of the handset manufacturer. Manufacturers are also implementing a video compression fashionable known as h.264. This compression approach is twice as efficient as the only one used nowadays. If you have ever attempted video calls and been disappointed, expect to enjoy higher picture quality within a year. The h.264 compression method may be used for video calls, cellular TV (within the standard known as DVB-H), and video streaming. The telecommunication industry believes that h.

264 will make video calls and cell video streaming useful in practice. In Part II of this newsletter series, we will look more in-depth at mobile packages and how entrepreneurs can design cell chat, newsletters, and network offerings in only a few minutes.

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