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Surviving and thriving at an SEO conference

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Surviving and thriving at an SEO conference


Hitting the hunt conference circuit this year? Columnist Dave Davies has tips and advice for making the most of the revel in.

This is obviously an excellent query in and of itself; however, it was given me considering a bigger trouble search experts often face: how human beings could make the maximum in their meetups and time collectively.

Having attended search engine marketing meetings considering that 2006, I’ve discovered a few techniques to use before and through meetings to help maximize my time even as I’m there. Some of those techniques observe assembly with friends, others to customers and prospective customers, and a few to both. So whether you’re attending your first conference or simply looking to enhance your sport, I hope you will find this recommendation useful.

Surviving and thriving at an SEO conference

Be prepared

The preliminary query approximately the way to keep away from a clumsy silence got me taking into account this topic, as it means that the character posing the query wasn’t going into the conference organized.

Generally, you’ll understand in advance if customers and key enterprise peers will be attending the conference, so don’t wait till you’re there to determine out how to talk to them and what to speak to them approximately. Instead, prepare in advance thru social media.

Now, permit me to be clear: I’m not suggesting which you buddy humans on Facebook if they don’t know you. However, some fairly simple research on their public posts, Twitter circulate and LinkedIn profiles will in all likelihood produce some key data, including:



What’s the character’s paintings’ history?
What subjects do they communicate most about?
What non-work topics are they inquisitive about? (This is prime!)
Are they married and do they have got youngsters?
And greater.
You get in which I’m going. Armed with an array of records at the people you’re assembly, there could be no awkward silence. Furthermore, you’ll have a possibility to connect with them on a human stage. I am reminded often of fees from the incredible Dale Carnegie:

“The royal avenue to a person’s coronary heart is to talk to him about the matters he treasures most.”

“When dealing with humans, do not forget you aren’t coping with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”
Both of these are genuine. Yes, that man or woman possibly want to talk store with you; however, they’ve were given plenty of human beings doing that. The difference will come within the non-shop communication. Let’s say you’re talking to a prospective patron; they may probably speak to a half-of-dozen other people with offerings like yours. The distinction will come in discussing their favorite sports crew, a film they’ve visible, or — one that I’ve observed works nicely — a person they’re inspired by way of (like Dale Carnegie!).

Connect earlier

We talked above about social media usage as a statistics-gathering tool, but it glaringly is lots greater than that. Connecting with humans you want to fulfill on social previous to an occasion is a treasured advent. LinkedIn is an obvious move-to; Facebook is discouraged until you really have met. Twitter, I’ve observed to be likely the perfect way to interact with others because it’s a simple communique factor that discourages pitching by its nature. Connect on LinkedIn to make certain, but comply with them on Twitter, examine their posts, and comment when applicable.

By connecting with others earlier, you’ll be accumulating the information you need from our first discussion factor above and permitting your prospect to get to recognize you in an open and welcome location. You’re showing hobby of their activities, and through commenting, you’re showing you’ve study and idea approximately what they’re pronouncing. Remember, people love themselves.

I also propose joining Facebook agencies associated with the convention you’re attending. This is an amazing way to interact with others who may be there and perhaps the humans you want to fulfill. Even if this doesn’t connect you with the humans you’re mainly inquisitive about, it can provide other precious contacts. You can also locate yourself sitting at a desk with a person from your Facebook group, supplying you with an easy verbal exchange starter.

Use social media at some point of the event, too
Is a person you need to satisfy speak? Is every other tweeting out what’s occurring at the occasion? If there, be sure to leverage that utilizing tweeting approximately their consultation or replying to or retweeting their tweets. Once more, this is a smooth and powerful way to demonstrate that you’re paying attention, interested in what they do, and engaged with their work.

We are entrepreneurs, in any case. If we’re no longer enticing with the humans we want to convert (even though that conversion is simply assembly someone), how properly are we?

Look the part

There’s a quote from Socrates, “Be as you desire to appear.” It’s a great quote with loads of facts, however for our functions here, we can rephrase it as, “Appear as you want to be.” I’m no longer pronouncing, “Fake it till you’re making it,” as that’s a philosophy I detest. But in case you need to be taken critically, it’s clever to dress the component.

As a marketer, a mild tweak in layout can yield huge increases in conversions — this is as proper for you as it’s miles from an internet site. If you’re there to meet customers, show them the honor of searching you’re satisfactory. If you’re meeting colleagues you appreciate, do the identical.

One caveat right here is to read the room. If it’s a small convention you’re attending with just your enterprise friends, then bear in mind how they get dressed and simply kick it up a chunk. On the other hand, if you’re attending a bigger convention or one with clients or potential customers, then it by no means hurts to give yourself at the top of your recreation.

Self-care and time management

For the veterans inside the crowd, you’ll recognize this might be the hardest element. You’re up early for breakfast, in classes and running all day, dinner and networking within the night, after which surely you’ll be invited out for beverages after that — resulting in a 7 a.M. Wake-up after a 2 a.M. Bedtime. And that assumes you don’t have emails to power thru.

Let’s face it, you probably aren’t at your exceptional after some beverages on 4 or 5 hours of sleep, so pace yourself. There’s quite a few networking to do, and it’s better to go away a piece early (at a time while others in all likelihood gained to bear in mind how witty you’re beside) and be your great day after today.

It’s additionally vital to get a while for yourself in among the numerous parts of the convention, whether or not it’s simply a quiet place to paintings uninterrupted (although that’s rarely “you time”), a threat to have a quiet espresso earlier than the classes begin, or sometime after the conference but earlier than the night’s sports. If you need to live sharp, it’s often smart to take the time to unwind. And if you want to by hook or by crook, justify it to those around you, then hit the gymnasium and do a little clean exercise like desk-bound cycling or employ the sauna.seo

By taking care of yourself — via getting sufficient sleep and now not overdoing, you’ll be better capable of manipulating the stability of networking, getting to know new matters, and getting your daily paintings completed.

And certainly…

Be authentic

We pointed out faking it till you are making it. There’s a huge cause why I dislike this philosophy: Pretending to know stuff you don’t can seriously undermine your recognition, especially amongst friends who can without problems name you out on it.

If you don’t know something, then be upfront approximately it — citing, of course, that you specialize in something unique. None of us can recognize the whole thing (until Google plants life a chip in our brains to access all human expertise), so no person will begrudge you that. If it’s a customer or prospective client, in reality, inform them it’s an excellent query, and also you’ll get back to them on it when you inspect it or ask a person you trust.

Of path, being yourself isn’t pretty much what you already know; it’s about who you are. It’s approximately true. We all want top-fits customers, meaning they recognize who you’re and need to work with you. While you need to be your fine self at conferences, you must still, in the end, be yourself. One can’t sustain being something they’re now, not indefinitely, so it’s better to simply make friends and clients that want to companion with you know who you’re.


Enjoy. SEO conferences are an exquisite way to make buddies, find customers, meet people you recognize, and even learn an amazing deal about a super concern from some tremendous human beings. Take inside the experience, and you’ll get even more than you might desire.

If you’re no longer playing yourself and simply checking off things to do like a purchasing list, that’s going to encounter. On the other hand, if you’re taking part in yourself, then now not most effective will you have a higher time, however, you’ll be more a hit, too — humans like folks who are having amusing doing what they love, mainly once they’re doing the same component and like it as an awful lot as you do.

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