Sports pundit makes Richarlison comparison

That’s the view of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp, who noticed Richardson star in Everton’s win over Brighton on the weekend.

The Brazilian bagged a brace to retain his fine start to the season in which he has netted six Premier League dreams.

It comes following a summer season pass from Watford with the Toffees paying £35million for the ahead.

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Ronaldo was additionally at the move during the summer months with the Portuguese superstar making the switch from Real Madrid to Juventus.

But the switch dealings aren’t the cause Redknapp believes Richardson is much like the previous Manchester United celebrity.

“Everton fans I know are desperate for Marco Silva to sign a striker in January, however, they have a ready-made center ahead in Richardson,” Redknapp wrote in his Daily Mail column.

“He is powerful within the air and has a great combination of tempo and physicality.

“Think of Cristiano Ronaldo and Thierry Henry. They started out as extensive guys earlier than moving into the middle

Richardson has all of the attributes to do the same.”

One Premier League star who doesn’t compare to Ronaldo is Manchester United ahead Romelu Lukaku.

That’s according to Martin Keown with Ronaldo and Lukaku potentially meeting on Wednesday in the Champions League (8pm).

The aspects met two weeks in the past at Old Trafford with Juventus winning 1-zero.

“Contrast Lukaku’s movement with that of Cristiano Ronaldo,” Keown stated.

The Juventus forward commenced on the left however regularly determined himself in important positions.

“With United, the whole lot appears fixed and wood. Everyone is isolated.

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“Lukaku looks as if a visitors warden when he points at team-buddies to inform them wherein to go however he does no longer provide any movement himself.

“When United’s complete backs have been in possession, Lukaku did no longer come upon to the flanks to provide himself.”

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