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Snap has recognized its Android app is terrible


Snap has recognized its Android app is terrible


Snap’s stock rate cratered after its day-by-day customers declined for the 1/3 consecutive zone.
CEO Evan Spiegel blamed the drop on the enterprise’s Android app, which users say is laggy and has a bad digital camera first-rate.
Snap is rebuilding its Android app from the ground up inside the desire of attracting extra users in emerging economies, in which Android is plenty extra popular than the iPhone.
The organization has acknowledged for years that its Android app is flawed. However, it chose to prioritize its iPhone app and users.

Snap’s inventory rate closed 12% down after the agency found out the Snapchat app had misplaced customers for a 3rd consecutive region.

The agency becomes down to 186 million active customers every day in the three months to September 30. That’s up from the equal length remaining 12 months, but a fall from 188 million daily customers within the three months to June.

Chief govt Evan Spiegel said there has been one perpetrator for the user decline: Snapchat’s terrible Android app. Here’s what he advised analysts at some stage in the firm’s 0.33-sector profits name, consistent with a SeekingAlpha transcript:
“There are billions of international people who do now not yet use Snapchat. Continuing to improve our user revel in and creating awareness about our cost proposition are key drivers in developing our network. Our everyday active customers grew 5% over the previous year and have been down 1% sequentially in this zone. The decline turned by and large among Android customers.

Snap is fixing the trouble, he added:

“We had been growing a totally new version of our Android utility to be lightweight, modular, and overall performance. The Android community represents an international growth possibility for us, and we are making excellent development, testing the utility in choose markets. So we sit up for rolling it out while it’s equipped.”

And he sees Android as a specific course for younger customers in “developing markets.”

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Snap has recognized its Android app is terrible for approximately three years
It is not clear that rolling out a new Android app this past due in the day will repair the cratering person base, although Snap is really pegging its hopes on it. The firm has recognized for almost 3 years that its Android users are being shortchanged at the great of its app.

A Reddit thread published in January 2016 with the title: “Snapchat on Android, how is this the sort of awful revel in?” has masses of feedback from irritated users complaining about common app crashes and poor digital camera great.
Another irritated person complained on Reddit as lately as two months in the past: “I use Snapchat more than some other app, that’s unlucky because it runs worse than literal dog shit. The app lags crash and frees at least 10 times according to day for me. The digital camera exceptional is the grainy and low decision…”

The people complaining have a factor. Here’s how a photo was taken on Snapchat for Android ultimate year compared with one from the iPhone app:

You can see the photo on the left is blurrier and grainier than the image on the right.

It isn’t all Snap’s fault. Developers conventionally favor the iPhone because, by and massive, most users are on one working gadget. It’s a whole lot less difficult to increase an app for a constant experience. There are masses of various phone brands in Android, all going for walks special variations of the software program. Some people can be on the most updated software program; others may be running on a model of the OS released years ago.

And but, may want to Snap have executed more and in advance?

Android debts for 85% of the cellular market, while the iPhone most effective accounts for 15%. That 15% represents advanced economies like the US and the United Kingdom.

Snap has focused its preliminary efforts on advanced economies because the ones customers have more advertising costs. So neglecting Android, a proxy for rising economies, appears a touch like sick-advised snobbery at this stage.

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