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If any of your apps do not work in MacOS Mojave


If any of your apps do not work in MacOS Mojave


I have an antique version of Adobe Photoshop I’ve kept on my PC for decades – CS5, for the ones of you preserving score.

When I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mojave closing month, I loved all the modifications, especially the brand new Stacks characteristic. But I became bummed out while certainly one of my most-used apps, Photoshop, could no longer open.

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Whenever I clicked on Photoshop, it crashed and only produced a blunder report. So there was nothing I should do to restore it – or so I thought. After doing some sleuthing online, I found out that the sort parents at MacWorld UK had stumbled upon a trick that makes many seemingly incompatible apps, like my vintage model of Adobe Photoshop, all at once paintings on MacOS Mojave.

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If any of your apps do not work in MacOS Mojave 1

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