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How to Translate WordPress Websites Using the Weglot Plugin


How to Translate WordPress Websites Using the Weglot Plugin


Translating your WordPress website into different languages is a clever way to attain a wider audience and boost your traffic. However, if your website is best to be had in a single language, you can be dropping out on lots of potential leads and conversions.

Fortunately, you don’t want to speak a couple of languages to translate your website – the procedure of doing so is easy with the Weglot Translate plugin. Using this, you could mechanically translate every part of your WordPress website and manually first-class-track your translations in a snap.

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In this text, we’ll discuss why you would possibly need to translate your internet site. Then we’ll introduce the Weglot Translate plugin and its key functions and stroll you through a way to use it to feature more languages for your website. We’ll additionally discover a number of the plugin’s key customization alternatives. Let’s get commenced!

Why You Should Translate Your WordPress Website

It’s anticipated that there are almost 7,000 specific languages global, and but over half of-of, all websites use just an unmarried one: English. This makes a few diplomae of feel, as it’s the language most normally spoken utilizing net users. However, it’s by using a long way the best one. The wide variety of audio systems is almost tied with Chinese, which appears on much less than 2 percent of all websites. Similarly, while 1/2 a thousand million customers speak Spanish, handiest just over five percent of websites use the language.

In a nutshell, using handiest turning in your website online in English, you’re efficaciously restricting its scope. If your website has an international focus, including an e-commerce enterprise, you shouldn’t expect all customers to be fluent in a single language. Therefore, many websites are taking steps to provide translated content material to be greater welcoming to a wider audience. For example, WordPress has its Polyglots group operating to translate the platform into as many languages as feasible.

Beyond making your site extra handy, translating it also has some benefits for you:

You’re capable of goal a bigger target market.

It improves your Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) ranking if you create a unique URL for each translated model of your pages.
It increases the wide variety of capability conversions as human beings are much more likely to convert if the web page is in their local language.
You can build acceptance as true with your target audience.
With all this in thoughts, you have to think about making your website extra worldwide. However, earlier than you do, allow’s examine some key concerns.

What You Need to Consider Before Translating Your Site

Before you translate your web page, there are some things you need to endure in mind. First, you need to reflect consideration on implementation and compatibility. We’ll discuss this in greater detail later. First, however, you need to apply a simple answer to your web page, including a WordPress plugin.

You also need to remember which languages you want to apply. This can be finished using investigating your website’s online analytics to look wherein your visitors are based. You ought to also perform keyword research with a focus on multilingual key phrases. This has to provide you with a stable idea of who your visitors are and which languages may additionally help you develop your audience.

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We additionally propose getting to know ‘language pairs.’ Basically, that is a mixture of the language your content material is currently in and the potential translated the language. So, in quick, take into account the maximum commonplace language pairs and which of them make the maximum feel on your website.

Finally, you want to find a translation answer that works for you. Let’s examine a few right now.

A Look at WordPress-Specific Translation Solutions

The maximum basic way you may translate your website is to virtually rent a translator. While this can yield exact results, it’s not without problems. You’d possibly want a translator for each language you’d like to use, which may get high-priced. If your website is quite massive, it would also take a full-size amount of time, no longer to mention the maintenance as your website online grows.

An extra efficient option is to use machine translation. If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you’ll be acquainted with the idea. Essentially, this is an automated process that interprets your site with out human interplay. This is lots less time-ingesting and regularly less expensive, but it’s additionally notoriously imperfect. For this purpose, you want to make sure the solution you operate enables you to customize the generated translations.

There are several WordPress plugins you can use, which include Weglot Translate, WPML, and Polylang. You need to make certain the plugin you choose is well suited to your sites and your different plugins. For example, if your website runs WooCommerce, and your plugin is incompatible, huge chunks of content can be left untranslated.

Introducing Weglot Translate

Weglot Translate is a plugin that enables you to robotically create a completely translated version of your whole WordPress site. This plugin is one of the simplest alternatives available to apply and may translate your site in seconds. It gives over a hundred exclusive languages and is completely compatible with all subject matters and plugins, including e-trade answers, including WooCommerce. We also have links to professional translators, providing you with the option of ordering translations if required.

Key Features

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Translates your entire WordPress site and is fully like-minded with any topic or plugin, which includes WooCommerce.
Requires minimum configuration due to the short plug-and-play setup.
Automatically applies Google’s SEO best practices for multilingual pages.
Gives you complete control over your content and translations, allowing clean collaboration.
Price: We got a free version and several top-class plans, beginning at around $12 (€nine.90), consistent with a month.

How to Translate Your WordPress Website Using the Weglot Translate Plugin
Let’s now put all of this concept into exercise via translating a domain using Weglot Translate. We’ll be the usage of a domain jogging WooCommerce and the Storefront theme. However, We got Translate is like-minded with all WordPress websites, irrespective of theme and plugins.

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