Facebook Messenger Lite Launched for iOS

Facebook launched a stripped down version of its Messenger chat app in October 2016, but it was to be had most effective for Android customers back then. Now, after years, the Facebook Messenger Lite app has been launched for iOS customers as nicely. The Messenger Lite app is small in length, makes use of less data, and works even in spotty connectivity. The iOS app is handiest to be had for Turkey customers, for now, however, it ought to roll out in greater areas soon. This comes shortly after the Facebook Lite app was launched for iOS users in Turkey.

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TechCrunch was first tipped off about this improvement, and the app turned into spotted at the App Store by using app intelligence firm Sensor Tower. The Facebook Messenger app is about 140MB in size, even as the Messenger Lite app is best 10MB in length on the App Store. In comparison, the Facebook Lite app for iOS is ready sixteen.3MB in size.

A Facebook spokesperson additionally confirmed the release to the guide, “When we first rolled out FB Lite and Messenger Lite as standalone apps, our intention was to supply the electricity of a native app, with as some of the equal functions as feasible at the same time as nevertheless being lightweight. Up till now, Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite have the most effective being to be had on Android. Now we are trying out these studies on iOS. We’re dedicated to connecting humans with the matters they care approximately – no matter their connection, device, or in which they live.”

The Messenger Lite app retains primary chat features like sending text messages, photographs, motion pictures, or hyperlinks to a man or woman or a group, however, the file states that the app would not show the actual-time on-line status of customers. The app becomes released maintaining emerging markets in thoughts and was rolled out in India in July closing year. It additionally got the video chat choice earlier this 12 months, enabling video calling even in spotty community regions.

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The entry of clever phones in our lives has made us lean absolutely in the direction of technology. Mobile phones have now come to be a necessity especially due to the brand new and interesting apps and addictive games which might be being launched ordinary at the app keep. Such cellular app development takes area on various structures like Android, Windows, and iOS and there brings about several capabilities which constantly makes us stick to our mobile monitors.

Various cell app development groups are gaining significance with the drastic boom within the number of apps and video games being launched on app save. There is a growing demand for the latest thoughts for apps through numerous organizations. The craze is such that even iOS builders are moving themselves to develop apps on the Android platform. But, the main hassle they face is the proper execution of apps in Android app improvement. So, here we’re with some information for iOS turned Android app builders. Hope it turns out to be beneficial.

Android app development and iOS are pretty comparable

The builders shifting from iOS app improvement to Android app development have a false impression that they would need to undergo the technique of mastering an entirely new language all collectively. But, that isn’t always the fact, because you already have the ones developing competencies present in you. Also, being an iOS developer, you should be pretty aware of Objective-C or Swift.

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While programming with Android, we use the concept of Object Oriented Programming and Java as the base that is just like Objective-C and Swift. The concept of Delegates, overriding methods and subclasses also are utilized in iOS and therefore Android app improvement will become smooth for the iOS developer. Almost all the standards and logic being used in each system are equal, it is just that during Android app development, Java language is used. Therefore, the developer has to get properly versed with Java key phrases as he could be the usage of key phrases like override, implements, extends, and so on., and not the ones utilized in iOS.

Android Studio and X code- Usage Difference

Many times it’s far pretty stressful to use the Xcode IDE but now there are a few important enhancements made it in over the last few years. In Android app development thru Android studio, some of the Xcode features also can be applied.

The standard coding exercise for overriding techniques, subclasses, import statements, and many others., utilized in iOS improvement is decreased to an extremely good quantity with the aid of Android Studio by way of utilizing Java key phrases. Although each Xcode and Android Studio work quite similarly, there are still some variations within the UI code written in each the IDEs. Where on one hand Android makes use of separate xml files, on the other hand, Xcode uses storyboards and nibs.

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