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Facebook’s stripped-down version of its social media platform, Facebook Lite became launched returned in 2015 and, for the longest quantity of time, became only to be had in growing countries. Reports now advocate that the app is finally coming to iOS after being one-of-a-kind to Android customers for extra than 3 years.
According to a file via 9To5Mac, Facebook is currently testing a version of Facebook Lite for iOS, but the roll-out procedure is expected to be pretty sluggish. Only customers in Turkey can be currently able to get entry to the iOS app, with a much broader rollout expected to take place slowly.

Facebook is but to put out a reliable phrase even though.


Launched in general for emerging markets with slower common facts speeds, the Facebook Lite app uses less than half of a megabyte of records to restrict statistics usage and charges. While it nonetheless supports Facebook’s News Feed, status updates, notifications, and pictures, it does now not support motion pictures and superior place offerings. All devices running Android 2.2 and higher are supported.
The interface is also quite much like the original Facebook Android app, apart from a few layout modifications in icons at the side of a larger font size used. Images take some seconds to load whilst being at the 2G network. Also, the app takes only a little even as to begin up; however, once you are logged in, you ought to not revel in any issues.

The Nintendo DS Lite appears to be on our displays quite loads currently with advertisement after commercial, and even though it is raining right here in Wales UK, it is certainly summertime. And in the summer season, people are extra inclined to exit with their Nintendo DS Lite. But is it for everybody? What are its professionals and cons?

If you very own a DS Lite, you may probably realize all its features and specifications and what you observed is good and terrible; however, for others who’re considering shopping for one, you will want to recognize the pros and cons beforehand.

The precise design of the DS Lite may be very appealing to most people, and that’s a great beginning collectively with two displays, one among that’s the touch display screen. The DS uses cartridges with up to one GB of garage capability, permitting massive storage for high-quality video games. The battery electricity is awesome and will close you for up to 10 hours. At the time of writing, the charge for the DS Lite is around £ninety – £ ninety-nine and the general public agrees that it’s no longer a terrible fee.


Now for the cons. Some folk might also discover the PSP console better in layout than the DS Lite, but that is an opinion of direction. The cartridges used within the DS Lite are more expensive than discs used in some other place, and they do not have quality pictures.

Though the pictures aren’t of pinnacle exceptional and the cartridges only a tad expensive, the DS Lite itself is cheaper with exceptional battery electricity and great games.

Most game enthusiasts pick the Nintendo DS Lite to the PSP console because, as you can see, the pros of the DS Lite, without a doubt, outweigh its cons.

John Milligan.

For the Nintendo DS Lite, please go to the above web page to the home page, top and bottom.

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I have lately seen a few tv commercials approximately ‘circle of relatives recreation night time. These ads suggest that you buy a few new boards and video games to play with your own family as soon as a week on the circle of relatives’ sports night. I see not anything incorrect with this idea. I used to love playing board video games when I changed into a child (which changed into before the advent of video games with the aid of the way). But you have to now not neglect games played with everyday gambling playing cards and normal cube, classics which have been played and enjoyed for years. Including some of these in own family sports night, time could add range for little more price.


When I suppose back to my youth, I keep in mind having amusing playing the board games and save-offered card games that had been popular at the time. But I also fondly do not forget while my family went tenting and we’d sit down on the picnic desk at night time playing Cribbage by the mild of a kerosene lamp. My spouse cherishes the instances whilst she changed into a female, and she went to her grandmother’s house and performed Canasta all afternoon. And after I became in university, I loved playing Hearts and Oh-Pshaw with my college friends.

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