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Does Nest Secure work with my current domestic safety device

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Does Nest Secure work with my current domestic safety device


A fantastic but apparently closed surroundings.

There’s no denying that the Nest Secure, a gadget such as a Nest Guard base station and one or extra sensors and cameras, is an awesome family of merchandise. The portions look notable, are smooth to install, and you will find every detector, camera, or extra you need to be built using Nest. Everything works well, too. Your Nest Hello doorbell

can act as a safety camera in conjunction with the Nest Cam itself; you can tell the Nest Guard to ignore that open door by swiping your Nest Tag throughout it; you may understand precisely what’s taking place even if you’re no longer home via the Nest app. However, a part of the cause is that the Nest environment works so properly that it uses a specific set of protocols for communication.

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Zigbee and Z-Wave are enterprise standards in terms of internet-of-things conversation. The paintings properly and excellently are designed for gadgets to talk regardless of who makes them. Nest Secure doesn’t use both conversation protocols; the pieces speak to each other using Thread and Weave. The Thread collaborates with Google, Samsung, ARM, and others that natively handle IPv6 via an open Wi-Fi protocol. Without getting too deep, Thread is primarily based on the 6LoWPAN adaption layer.

Thread and Zigbee are operating on what is referred to as the ZigBee Cluster Library, so ZigBee gadgets can run using Thread for communications; however, it is not the other way around. A weave is Nest’s proprietary utility communications protocol that lets devices talk securely through their peer-to-peer community. Nest has opened Weave support to other groups, but this does not mean your Nest Cam can work with another company’s gadget. In a way, the opposite organization’s camera can see paintings with Nest merchandise.

Adding a piece vs. Upgrading all of it

If you are looking for a brand new safety device or are considering changing a present device with something new, the Nest Secure machine is a fantastic desire. You’ll love how the pieces look and how smooth it’s to get all of it operating. You’ll probably love the whole thing besides the fee, but this isn’t always something you will change regularly, so charge should not be the biggest part of shopping for choice. You may not move wrong by shopping for a Nest Secure starter device.

However, if you’re simply trying to upload a digital camera or sensor to an existing device or extend it, Nest is not what you are searching for. Plenty of other companies use the extra famous Zigbee and Z-Wave communique protocols, but I’d advise products from SimpliSafe as your nice wager for interoperability. The corporation also makes a tremendous complete system in case you’re looking at the beginning from scratch. Consumer Units, Circuit Protection Devices, and Accessories – A Glossary

Consumer Unit

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A patron unit is an electrical device that distributes power throughout a home living. Acting as a safety device, shielding against injury through electrical surprise, a client unit home safety device that protects home equipment from overload.

A client unit’s first characteristic is the corporation of electrical ‘circuits,’ such that the extraordinary ways wherein we use electricity at some stage in the home may be accurately and extra effortlessly controlled. A traditional domestic setup, for example, could have the following circuits: Ring most important for power sockets and items like washing machines and TVs, Lighting, smoke alarms, cookers, showers, etc.

Main Switch

This is the ‘Double Module’ tool that sits on the long right-hand side of a purchaser. It commonly has a big crimson bar transfer and acts to isolate the entire board. With the aid of guide operation, it could cut strength to every circuit inside the installation. Main Switches are almost continually rated at 100 amps, allowing it to isolate a setup that generally draws no more than one hundred amps across all circuits.


Mini Circuit Breaker. An MCB protects its circuit against overload. When, for example, a bulb blows on a lighting fixture circuit, the MCB cuts the strength to that circuit, watching the other lighting fixtures. No other courses on the patron unit had been affected. An MCB no longer protects humans against electric surprise.


Residual Current Devices shield a couple of circuits from earth leakage. This is an essential feature of a patron unit as its miles earth leakage causes an electric shock. RCDs degree the quantity of energy flowing into the patron unit against the amount flowing out. When it detects an imbalance between the two, it cuts the power delivered to the bank of circuits it is protective.

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Because of this, it has to be noted that a fault on one circuit will reduce the energy to any other course blanketed using that RCD. For example, an RCD may protect the hoop principal and indoor and outside light circuits. In this example, a fault at the outdoor light circuit will knock out the indoor lighting fixtures and all electricity sockets.

For this reason, the seventeenth Edition Regulations call for the ‘Division of Circuits’ to avoid ‘Nuisance Tripping.’


Residual Current Breaker with Overload (RCBO). This clever tool combines an MCB and RCD capability, consequently permitting independent safety on person circuits in opposition to each overload and earth leakage.

Din Rail

The mounting rail upon which can be fitted is the Main Switch, RCDs, MCBs, and RCBOs.


The device electrically connects the Main Switch, RCDs, MCBs, and RCBOs.

Neutral Bar

The terminal bar accepts all the neutral wires from the RCBOs and MCBs.

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