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Choosing Applicant Tracking Software


Choosing Applicant Tracking Software


Recruiting the proper talent can assist your employer to thrive, and records indicate that the value of an awful rent can cost your business enterprise huge. That’s why over seventy-five percent of multinationals use the applicant monitoring software program (ATS) to help streamline their recruitment procedure. But with a plethora of ATS options to select from, it’s hard to pinpoint an answer that you’ll be glad you chose properly after adoption.

To assist groups of all sizes pick the excellent applicant tracking software for them, we spoke to enterprise experts and practitioners who shared their top recommendations to keep in thoughts when choosing an ATS.

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1. Get Recruiters Involved in Decision-Making
First and most important, you need to get your recruiters involved inside the choice-making manner for selecting an ATS. Kim Smith, Content Marketer at GoodFirms shared that enter from those who paintings in recruitment can prove to be extremely crucial since they’ll be familiar with the “ache points” confronted via the business enterprise at some stage in the hiring process.
Smith additionally added that everybody involved inside the ATS selection procedure needs to simply outline their requirements after which work collectively to prioritize them. She entreated manufacturers to, “clarify the priorities with each and every member of the ATS choice crew, because you don’t want to overlook the desired functions for the useless ones!”

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2. Mobile Optimization
It’s vital that your preferred applicant tracking software program answer is responsive, that’s in keeping with Alaina Lynch, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at St. Petersburg, FL.-primarily based The Penny Hoarder. Lynch defined that cell responsive design is critical for recruiters first and major.

“As a [Talent Acquisition] expert, I am constantly on the pass. My days range from assembly with company leaders to discuss their expertise needs, undertaking phone interviews, growing optimized task posts and extra. Recruiters aren’t at their desks all day long and they need to have their statistics quite simply available. This is in which a cell tool comes in reachable. It’s vital that an ATS no longer handiest work seamlessly on [a] computing device but additionally cellular,” she said.

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But simply as importantly, applicants can even count on a responsive interface. A file via CareerBuilder states that 40 percent of candidates who follow for an emptiness on a cellular device abandon the manner if the ATS isn’t always cell-pleasant.

3. Scalability
Having an ATS this is scalable is some other large function, as it lets in for flexibility as your organization grows or downsizes. Lynch notes that there is plenty of applicant monitoring answers carriers that simplest catered toward medium to large-sized corporations. For a small however developing business enterprise, Lynch shows utilizing an ATS that is built for small groups but additionally possesses the capacity to scale as you develop.

Lynch also noted that if an ATS is not able to scale with your enterprise, then this should be considered as a red flag. “If an ATS is unable to scale with you then that’s a trouble. An ATS wishes to be bendy in terms of the business enterprise length. For instance, if you’re a smaller employer, [an ATS that is] created especially for massive agencies [may not be suitable] because it could have features that [are not] essential to your cutting-edge size and consequently may additionally hinder your crew’s effectiveness.”

four. Customization
A suitable applicant monitoring software has to work around your wishes and necessities, no longer the alternative manner spherical. Lynch advises that the ones in search of an ATS discover one with the ability to personalize sure features and functionalities, so they work along with your enterprise. “You also want the capability to customize those things for your personal. There are some structures that require you to contact an account supervisor to make any changes, and [you then] watch for that individual to complete them. Those are those you want to keep away from,” cautioned Lynch.

5. User Experience
According to Lynch, an important function that regularly receives overlooked is person enjoy for both candidates and recruiters. Lynch advises choosing an ATS that is each consumer-pleasant and can provide “a strong client revel in” for each side.

“If you may create a clean, seamless, brand-applicable candidate enjoy then you definately’re going to lose your applicants. On the alternative aspect, if your [recruitment team] can’t circulate results easily from one mission to any other, then the machine will become a quandary on your entire hiring technique.”

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6. Integration Capabilities
Julie Ruvolo, Recruiter at Chicago, IL.-based G2 Crowd, suggests that one of the maximum critical features to look out for in an ATS is its capability to combine with other essential gear. “I find it helpful that our ATS integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and [other] checking out software program [that] we use. Without this integration, there would be too much information access and [coordination] and the ATS wouldn’t [save us] that an awful lot time.”

7. Reporting and Tracking
Ryan Englin, Founder, and CEO of Scottsdale AZ.-based totally Core Matters recommends that reporting and monitoring are each key functions that manufacturers have to “clearly have” when choosing an ATS. “When spending cash on advertising you’re [job openings], you ought to not simplest be able to see in which the applications are coming from however which advertising and marketing dollars are operating.”

Englin also provides that an ATS with a good monitoring device can help in dealing with your advertising and marketing budget and also will help you to “re-interact” with capacity candidates who “viewed your jobs but didn’t apply”.

8. Ensure The Product Gets Updated Regularly
Finally, Lynch warned manufacturers to avoid applicant tracking vendors that do not often update their product. “An ATS that doesn’t have normal product releases is a large purple flag. If an ATS enterprise isn’t paying attention to their clients and investing in ordinary updates to hold up with the desires of the ever-changing global of expertise acquisition, it speaks volumes approximately their level of commitment and desire to create a superior product,” Lynch said.

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