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There is so much going on in the international of motors. From the launches of the 2018 Honda CR-V, 2018 Tata Tiger facelift, a huge statement from Motorcycle India, and movement from the 20th Raid de Himalaya and a Ducati song driving experience. OVERDRIVE allows you to live up to the mark with this brief rundown of all things automobile, taking place from October 8 to 14, 2018


Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) is ready to carry the new-gen CR-V SUV to India. The previous CR-V’s biggest disadvantage changed into the absence of a diesel motor. The 2018 Honda CR-V, however, gets a diesel motor, and that really should assist increase sales. The new CR-V additionally gets all-wheel force which needs to supply its decent off-street potential. It has LED headlamps, LED taillamps, and new alloy wheels. The indoors are refreshed as nicely, and the seven-seater cabin is spacious.

This is the highest rally raid globally, and regardless of all the preparations, there has been a slight delay in the event due to the inclement climate. But if high adrenaline rally motion set amid the most serene vistas of the Himalayas catches your fancy, this is wherein you need to be. The 2018 edition is likewise the twentieth 12 months of the event. So masses of celebrations will occur because the Raid comes home.

The Tata Tiger facelift may be launched within the country on October 10. However, this may be a cosmetic replacement often, and the mechanicals should stay the same as the modern-day generation. Last month, we broke the information that Tata is working on a minor facelift for the Tigers to hold the patron interest tiers high for its excellent-promoting compact sedan, which competes with the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Hyundai Xcent.


Many mothers and fathers shudder at the concept in their teens achieving the age they will be capable of turning out to be criminal drivers. Even the maximum responsible youngster can be luxurious to ensure automobile coverage. Insurance organizations almost always rate a miles better automobile coverage liability charge for teenage drivers than they do for older adults who have a safe and demonstrated driving record. This is because the teenager has yet to prove himself or herself as a secure and accountable driving force. For the first or 3 years of getting their driver’s license, teenagers may be in a situation with extraordinarily high insurance prices via their parents’ vehicle insurance policy.

Every family differs in how parents require teenagers to be responsible. Some families have teens paintings element-time or complete-time jobs to help pay their automobile coverage charges. Other mothers and fathers locate it vital to have their teens now not work and focus totally on sports activities and academics and different not unusual extracurricular sports that could promote superb and properly-rounded social and educational development in a scholar.

If the teen will pay for the auto insurance or if the parent will pay for the car insurance, the fee still stays equal. If the mother and father pay for it, this invoice may add some other fee too but potentially already strict finances. There are steps that teenagers can take to lower their insurance premiums to make insurance extra inexpensive for them and for his or her mother and father. Teens who take motive force’s training publications in excessive school will be considered greater favorably via coverage agencies than young adults who’ve not taken the path. Taking a driving force’s education path demonstrates that the teen not handiest takes riding significantly. However, he or she has passed a route on security and responsible using by a certified motive force’s schooling teacher.


The motive force’s education path is one issue that a teen can do to decrease his or her insurance. When a pupil volunteers inside the network, makes excellent grades, and has a file of being an upstanding citizen, he or she can stand a terrific threat of getting reduced fees on vehicle coverage. Many coverage companies will reward students who make an extra effort to be responsible and upstanding. Insurance agencies also see young adults who do this stuff as a lower chance motive force than young adults who no longer get good grades and have no participation in community occasions.

Getting a teenager a sports activities automobile or a high quit powerful or luxurious vehicle can even dramatically increase the teenager’s auto coverage. Some insurance companies will refuse to insure teenage drivers on high give up sports automobiles outright. Other insurance organizations will rate a huge amount of money for a youngster to be insured in even a more moderen automobile. Studies have observed that dependable, medium-grade pleasant sedans are the most less costly cars for teenage drivers to be insured for. These cars are generally more secure and feature much fewer velocity skills than different higher-end models.


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