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Attorney fashionable candidate Justin Nelson campaigns

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Attorney fashionable candidate Justin Nelson campaigns


Parked outside the Wichita County Democratic Office Sunday nighttime turned into a container truck with “Ken Paxton Indicted” written at the facet and Paxton’s mugshot.

The truck marked the website online in which Justin Nelson become campaigning to take the area of incumbent Paxton as Texas Attorney General. The prevent Sunday turned into the 0.33 time Nelson has been to Wichita Falls inside the closing five weeks.

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“I want the people of Texas, which include the humans of Wichita Falls, to hear me about why they should hire me,” Nelson stated. “This is a job interview, and I accept as true with which you should meet the human beings which might be hiring you for that task interview.”

During his speech, Nelson stated he’ll repair integrity to the office of attorney popular, combat corruption, and look at electricity.

“The Texas attorney fashionable function is an independently elected role to be an unbiased watchdog. That’s what I intend to do, and that’s what I intend to be,” he said.

Janel Smith, chair of the Wichita County Democratic Office, stated no longer sufficient humans understand that Nelson’s opponent has been indicted on securities fraud.

“Do we really want a lawbreaker to be our head regulation man or woman within the country of Texas? There’s something wrong with that picture,” Smith said.

Paxton is accused of deceiving rich investors in a tech startup back in 2011.

Prosecutors said Paxton had traders, including friends and a Texas lawmaker, invest in an information storage organization referred to as Servergy while failing to reveal that he was being paid through Severgy.

His attorneys say he turned into underneath no obligation tell them. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit last yr introduced by way of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that became just like the criminal case.

Paxton has pleaded not guilty to two counts of felony securities fraud and is still beneath indictment.
If convicted, Paxton faces 5 to 99 years in jail.

Smith said that Nelson is jogging towards a man who has been indicted for three years and in no way been introduced to trial.


“If you and I got indicted on something within a few months, we would’ve been delivered to trial,” she said. “Is that the model we are all purported to move after as citizens? Wo that if we get indicted? We do not ever must visit trial; we do not ever have to meet our accusers and defend ourselves. It’s wrong.”

Barbara Reed turned into one of the supporters who attended Nelson’s marketing campaign rally.

She stated Nelson is a candidate that is going to do right via the nation of Texas.

“People want to recognize who’s for them, who are searching out for them. The Republicans are looking out for themselves and the humans on the pinnacle,” Reed said. “The Democrats are searching out for us. Social Security, Medicare, we need Democrats in.”

Nelson stated he wishes to talk about the issues that count number to Texas.

I need to talk approximately fighting consumer fraud. I want to talk approximately having a plan to fight opioid abuse. I want to talk approximately solving the child assist machine this is broken,” Nelson stated.

He said that his office isn’t going to similarly political points or in addition personal wealth.

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“That is something that my opponent has executed, and that is wrong,” he stated.

He said that as an attorney widespread, he desires to make certain Texans follow the guideline of regulation.

“I need to positive that we’ve got someone who says that nobody is above to regulation. To have a Texas attorney widespread that is going to put into effect the regulation, not smash the wreck the law,” Nelson stated. “This race is integrity as opposed to an indictment. It’s now not approximately birthday party, it is now not about left versus right, it’s approximately proper versus wrong.”

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