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A Coach’s Guide to Developing a Blog


A Coach’s Guide to Developing a Blog


A Blog or Weblog is described as an online diary. Modern blogs have derived from early online journals in which humans might keep accounts of their personal lives. But, practically, a Blog is extra like a ‘self-maintaining internet site that permits people with little or no programming abilities to increase their pages -and holds them up to date at will.

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In previous versions, we’ve exposed several advantages of running a blog for coaches, specifically regarding advertising. In this version, we include an intensive manual to assist you in developing your own successful blog. So, are you equipped to leap-begin into the Blogosphere?

Section I: Developing Your Blog

The Blogosphere has become a popular context for written, visual, and audio communications. Blog platforms, web-based software programs, widgets, publishing gear, directories, and many different technological assets have backed up the infusion of millions of new Blogs – and recommended everyone step into “an almost boundary-less” environment. As a result, developing a Blog has become as clean as creating a pizza.


Choosing a Platform

The first step in developing a Blog is to choose which platform you will use. There are several systems available, every with unique traits and weaknesses. Following are 6 decided systems that provide the vital tools to get you began on the right foot:


– Blogger

– WordPress.Com

– WordPress.Org

– Typepad

– Movable Type

– MSN Spaces

Tip: Pick out your platform in line with your ease with the era (e.g., HTML coding), the tools to be had, the website hosting format (whether it’s for a stand-on my own or hosted platform), and the deliberate structure of your Blog.

Design and Structure

Most Blog platforms offer professionally searching templates. You must pick a template that fits your commercial enterprise’s image; additionally, it permits your content material to be placed in a nicely based way. For branding purposes, we advise you to lease a clothier to increase a completely unique banner (it may be a comparable design on your internet site when you have one). This will add a notch of professionalism and assist humans in keeping in mind where they are navigating.

You will even want to recollect classes, post style, RSS feeds, links, archiving, etc. Following are a few pointers:

Create significant and concise categories to locate your content material: these are critical in how attractive and professional your Blog will appear.

Include thrilling hyperlinks and ensure they open ‘in a brand new web page’: you do not want to direct your visitors away from your Blog.

Have one or greater RSS feeds and allow users to effortlessly get the right of entry to the URL for syndication. Usually, the best option is to hyperlink it to an RSS brand or picture.

Don’t upload excessive data at the aspect bars: You want your readers to be cognizant of your Blog’s posts more than the assisting facts. Some blogs appear more like hyperlink directories than anything else.

Let your readers realize how they can contact you via the Blog (e.g.,  Email shape, link on your electronic mail cope, etc.). Also, ensure that navigation is easy and that your Blog doesn’t appear polluted with data.

Widgets and Tools

The blogosphere’s popularity among net users has been accompanied by the continuing development of recent gear and services called ‘weblog widgets.’ Such equipment may be accessed without problems; maximum weblog structures provide them as loosely embedded services. But, should professional bloggers use them to enhance the first-class in their blogs?

Yes – but with reservation. It is crucial to understand that about blogs, content is king. Although widgets may look top on your page, they may be the handiest tools that ought to facilitate your reader’s experience, whether or not it’s miles by way of supporting them locate precise subjects inside your blog or the Web, percentage statistics, or speak with others.

Following are commonplace and beneficial Blog tools, or widgets, that can assist in improving your reader enjoyment and getting your Blog’s capability up to date:

Search: Enable seek mechanisms for your Blog. Most Blog platforms provide these as smooth-to-install widgets for free of charge. This characteristic will allow your readers to quickly discover content, consequently improving the efficiency of your message. Tip: Blog bar is a loose search engine widget that helps your readers to search any keyword inside your Blog, the Web, or the Blogosphere. The gadget is furnished in numerous languages and available in various colors and shapes. It is a terrific device to help your readers seek key phrases over the Internet.

Email Subscriptions: Have an e-newsletter or email launch with notifications to your readers. Whenever you post a brand new put-up, you can notify your readership and inspire them to remark. Tip: Feedburner offers more than a few services for bloggers, many of them exceedingly beneficial. An email subscription widget from Feedburner lets your readers subscribe to e-mail updates from your Blog. You can layout this email how you want it and modify the frequency and time it’s miles are despatched out.

Bookmarking and Content Dissemination: There are many ways to get your blog content out there. You may want to sign up in a ramification of Blog directories, allow readers to bookmark your posts, syndicate your content via RSS feeds, create podcasts, and so forth. Tip: Register your blog in directories, including Technorati, Google Blog Search, and Blog Top Sites, and link them again in your Blog. Use AddThis to easily bookmark your Blog posts using a spread of services along with Del.Icio.Us, Digg, Technorati, Google Bookmarks, and others.

Section II: Maintaining Your Blog

When thinking about your Blog’s content, ensure you don’t forget your niche. If you plan to develop a Blog to grow your profile, your content material should mirror how you function to your potential. Therefore, write content that topics to them. Here are some recommendations to improve your weblog writing:

– Write at the very least three times per week

– Check and solution feedback as much as you could

– Write precise content

– Write ‘How-to,’ ‘Top 10’, ‘Ask the Expert’ sort of articles and posts

– Write Case Studies on topics of your expertise

– Use films, snapshots, and audio while suitable

– Write industry information and updates to your target audience

When it involves Blog writing, part of your homework is to avoid the pitfalls of blogging verbal exchange. Here’s a listing of things you ought to in no way do or keep away from as much as you can:


– Promote criticism toward other Bloggers or writers

– Write debatable posts without basis or evidence

– Focus on form rather than content

– Breach copyrights or thieve content material

– Write opinionated posts about faith, intercourse, and other arguable topics

– Self-sell in excess, consisting of too many advertisements

Direct Communication

If you’re inclined to spend a little more time with your readers, whether or not you want to realize the higher, conduct marketing research, or lead a TeleClass – there are numerous tools from which you may take advantage. Following are 3 extraordinary gear if you want to get your contact with your readers to the next level:

Instant Communication: Meebo Me provides an IM window to your page for fast verbal exchange with readers, and you can personalize the colors, shape, size, and place of your widget.

Do-it-your-self-studies: Vizu Pools is a widget that allows you to create a public pool and put it up for your blog. Your public pool can direct readers to your Blog, while your device assists you to find out what your readers have to say about…Well…Something you need to ask! It can be a handy tool to find out which products or services your readers would love to have advanced – or what content they would like to peer post.

TeleConferences: With know-how, a headphone with a microphone, a fairly precise PC, and Skype – you could use the Skypecasts widget in your Blog. This widget permits you to behavior teleconferences, teleseminars, institution conversations, or any aggregate of these effortlessly and for gratis. It’s a useful tool for coaching bloggers using training-primarily based advertising.

Keeping It Up

The Blogosphere is a fast-paced environment. To kpkeep your Blog up to date with technological advances, you need to keep an eye on what’s happening in the Blogosphere. Subscribing to multiple eZines and RSS feeds from expert Bloggers will do the job.

Meanwhile, keep searching out alternatives to leverage your content. Developing academic products, including ebooks or TeleConferences, is a remarkable way to sell your business through your Blog. This merchandise will help you interact with your readership and position yourself as a professional. Don’t forget to link your blog to your current website and different profile pages consisting of Find A Coach.

Finally, remember that your blog’s goal is to get your commercial enterprise available. If you play it properly, you can appeal to ongoing ‘traffic’ into your coaching business – but you’ll want to transform these visitors into income. A green sales technique will assist you in attaining that (you could study all you want about building your education enterprise on the CoachIQ Coaching Club network). Simon Clarke has over 15 years of revel in as a creator, entrepreneur, and business expert. Likewise, he is the founder and Director of the Life Coaching Institute, Australia’s leading teach schooling organization.

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