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4 Must-Have Features When Custom Building Your House  


4 Must-Have Features When Custom Building Your House  


There are many things to incorporate into your checklist when custom-building your house. The layout of the design and all the features you plan to add to your home will stay for years to come. Therefore, you must seize the opportunity tto get creative in fulfilling your desires since the features you plan to assimilate will not be found if you buy a preowned house.

The initial stage of the process may be confusing and require much research. However, if you are willing to find out the right things for your home, you may end up with a welcoming and functional home. To achieve an A-grade custom house, the work must be done with modus operandi, not unprofessionally. Therefore, hire a custom home-building contractor to make your thoughts a reality.

Here are some must-have features that you can discuss with your builders during the planning phase-

1) Higher Ceilings- 

Having higher ceilings in your home can create a spacious look. There is a lot of difference between having a 6′ ceiling and an 8′ ceiling since the latter can open up space and add extra features and furnishings on the wall, leading to a luxurious touch. Higher ceilings mean higher walls, improving your house’s airflow and creating depth. Therefore, propose having higher ceilings for your builder since it will be challenging to achieve higher ceilings later on.

2) A Deep Pour Basement-

Going for a basement is the best option if you have a congested plot size and want to add extra space. Basements are of great use since you can incorporate additional rooms, laundry, bathroom, storage space, or a recreational area for various activities. In addition, having a house with a well-furnished basement can add functionality and increase the value of your home.

3) Custom Shelvings-

The best time for adding custom shelving is when you are building your house and can plan out the installation of these shelvings. A well-placed built-in can serve various purposes and be your home’s focal point. For instance, bookshelves are arranged around an archway or a multimedia unit in the living room. In addition, custom shelving could be used as extra storage space if the cabinets and closets run out of reach. Besides, they could be used to place a vase with plants, artistic objects, or anything you want.

4) Heating and Plumbing-

The pipework is always done during the construction of the house. If you plan to have an HVAC system in your home, the work must be confined and done correctly. You should outline the design of the drainage system to protect your home from water leakages. Besides, a heating and air conditioning system is necessary to trap energy during a weather change. For having the systems, hire professional plumbing and heating services. 

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