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9 Dating Tips From Noah Centineo


9 Dating Tips From Noah Centineo


If you need dating advice, why not go straight to Hollywood’s current heartthrob? One of the most swoon-worthy actors working right now happens to have plenty of romantic guidance up his sleeve. I’m talking about getting some much-needed dating tips from Noah Centineo — more like Yes-ah Centineo, though, am I right? Centineo stole our hearts this summer in his roles as Peter in All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Jamey in Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. A couple weeks ago, he caused the internet to collectively faint when it was announced that he has joined the Charlie’s Angels reboot cast. If you’re a long-time Centineo stan, stay tuned because you’ll probably fall even more in love with him after reading his dating advice. After starring in two hit romantic comedies back to back, Centineo gets asked about his dating life in almost every interview he does, and he has some important things to say when it comes to romance.

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For instance, Centineo recently told Teen Vogue, “I’m really into love. I’m a hopeless romantic some days and hopeful on others.” Check out the following dating tips if you need advice from a sometimes hopeful romantic like Centineo. In a tweet on January 5, 2018, Centineo advocated for self-love. This is honestly amazing advice. It’s so important to care for yourself. Focusing on yourself is not only beneficial for you, but it can also improve your future relationships. In an interview with People TV on September 8, 2018, Centineo was asked,

“If the right person came along, would you be open to dating?” Centineo responded, “Yeah, I used to be pretty impulsive, and sometimes I still am. I try to combat that because if I jump into something too soon without being ready, someone gets hurt, whether it’s them or me.” This is a considerate sentiment when jumping into a new partnership. By taking things slow, you can assess if it’s the right decision for both of you. On April 29, 2018, Centineo tweeted a reminder about the importance of dating yourself, which is honestly such a good reminder. Focusing on yourself first and having good self-esteem are major factors in successful future relationships.


In the same People TV interview, Centineo was asked what he looks for in a girlfriend. “I’m pretty picky,” he explained, “They have to be quirky; there’s gotta be a goofy side. There still has to be that little kid in there; thats super important to me.”

Having a partner who can goof around and help you not take things so seriously is important. Even though life does require seriousness at times, to which Centineo explained, “Counterbalance is important for sure.”

On May 7, 2018, Centineo tweeted about how important it is to respect someone’s consent. It’s so awesome that Centineo spoke out about this because it’s unfortunately super common for some people to not take no for an answer when pursuing someone romantically. This is unacceptable to do, and Centineo lays it out pretty plainly.
In an interview with E! News on August 31, 2018, Centineo was asked how he prefers to meet a potential date. “I’d much rather meet someone randomly whether that’s me out doing something I love to do, and they’re out something they love to do, and you’re out doing the same things — odds are you like the same things and have the stuff to talk about,” he said. Retweet, Centineo.

In fact, according to a Pew Research Center survey from 2015, 64 percent of couples agreed that shared interests are the key to a lasting partnership. On May 22, 2018, Centineo tweeted some reasons to enter into a relationship, and they were super straightforward. He covers all the main bases in this list. It’s awesome that he stresses how important it is for compatibility, acceptance, and passion for being there in a relationship. On the September 6, 2018, episode of AM2DM, host Saeed Jones asked Centineo if his mom gave him dating advice, and his response was iconic. Centineo quickly responded with, “She’s like, ‘Wrap it up!'” Which is great dating advice?
His tweet from June 7, 2018, is swoon-worthy in every way, so no one is blaming you for blushing extra hard right now. It’s important to savor the small things when getting to know someone. Kissing is definitely something to be appreciated and not overlooked.

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If you weren’t already in love with Centineo, hopefully, you have at least a little crush after reading this. Or maybe some of his advice has given you ideas about taking things to the next step with your passion.

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